Page 205 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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His lifelong love for and devotion to Jewish literature are
exemplary. His consecrated services to the Jewish Book
Council of America have been an inspiration and encourage-
ment to his colleagues.
In recognition of his distinguished contribution to Jewish
literature and of his leading role in effectively promoting the
ideals of the Council and its efforts to achieve them, the
members of the National Committee of the Jewish Book
Council of America present to Dr. Cohen this testimonial of
our high esteem and grateful appreciation.
We look forward to many more years of dedication by
him to the creation and dissemination of Jewish literature.
May he continue to sustain us from the harvest of his
literary sowing. May the Almighty continue to bless him
and his work.
The main address on the subject “Great Jewish Books and
Civilization” was presented by Dr. Cohen*. Following this
address, a reception was held in his honor.
To enumerate all those who have played a significant role in
the total program of the Jewish Book Council of America is a
well nigh impossible task. Were it not for the wholehearted co-
operation and participation of literally hundreds of national and
local organizations, the Council could not achieve even a modicum
of success. Thousands of individuals in local communities —
Jewish Community Center personnel, Jewish communal workers,
rabbis, Jewish educators, public librarians and lay persons — have
shared in many aspects of the Council’s diversified activities.
We are grateful to the scores of contributors to and the editors
In Jewish Bookland
, the
Jewish Book Annual
and our other
publications; the judges of the Annual awards; members of
various committees; and the officers and members of the Executive
We deeply appreciate the encouragement and concern of the
lay and professional leaders of the National Jewish Welfare
Board which not only subsidizes the Council but provides numer-
ous invaluable services.
Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, lover of Jewish books par excellence,
who has retired as president, has left an indelible impression on
the entire character of the Council. We now look forward to even
wider horizons under the dynamic leadership and inspiring per-
sonality of our new president* Prof. Sol Liptzin.
*The address is published on pp. 3-11.