Page 24 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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o h n
, D
a v id
ed. Bialystok: photo album of a renowned city and its Jews the
world over. New York, 1952. 386 p.
1200 photographs of people and institutions with captions in English and
p ir o
, A
Samaritans, Tobiads, and Judahites in Pseudo-Philo. New York,
American Academy for Jewish Research, 1951. 76 p.
t e in b e r g
, M
il t o n
A believing Jew. New York, Harcourt, Brace, 1951. 318 p.
A posthumous edition of sermons and essays on American Judaism.
t e t t h e im e r
, E
t t i e
Memorial volume of and by. New York, Knopf, 1951.
655 p.
e n e n b a um
, J
o s e p h
Underground. The story of a people. New York, Philo-
sophical Library, 1952. 532 p.
Survey of the history and destruction of Polish Jewry, and the part the Jews
took in the Partisan Movement.
h i e l e
, E
dw in
R. The mysterious numbers of the Hebrew kings: a reconstruction
of the chronology of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. University of Chicago
Press, 1951. 289 p.
r u a x
R. The Doctors Jacobi. Boston, Little, Brown, 1952. 270 p.
A biography of Dr. Abraham Jacobi and his wife Dr. Mary Putnam Jacobi
who were pioneers in modern medical methods at the beginning of this century.
U. S. Air Force. Memorial volume dedicated to the boys of the 20th Air Force.
Los Angeles, H. Finkelstein, 1951. 134 p.
The majority of the casualties in this group were Jewish.
n t erm a n n
, I
The Talmud. New York, Record Press, 1952. 351 p.
An introduction to Talmudic teaching and ethics with an outline of its
literary development and history.
s s h e r
, A
r land
The magic people. New York, Devin-Adair, 1951. 177 p.
The contribution of the Jews to modern life and their relations with the
Christian community.
e l ik o v s k y
, I
m a n u e l
chaos. New York, Doubleday,
1 9 5 2 . 3 8 4 p .
New theories about the Exodus out of Egypt and other historical narratives
of the Bible based on the study of natural phenomena in ancient times.
e il
, S
im o n e
The need for roots. New York, Putnam, 1952. 288 p.
-------- . Waiting for God. Translated by Emma Craufurd. New York, Putnam,
1951. 227 p.
Yearbook: Central Conference of American Rabbis, v. 61. (New York) 1951.
485 p.
The proceedings of the 62nd annual convention held at New London, Conn.
Contains addresses on the relationship between Reform and Conservative
Judaism and aspects of authority in Judaism.
YIVO annual of Jewish social science, v. 6. Ed. by Koppel S. Pinson. New York,
Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1951. 319 p.
Most of the articles are translated from Yiddish publications of YIVO.
b o r ow sk i
, M
er zo g
, E
l iz a b e t h
Life is with people. New York,
International Universities Press, 1952. 456 p.
An anthropological study of the cultural life of the orthodox Jewish village
in Eastern Europe based on interviews of immigrants, observations and
analyses of literature, drama and art.
e it l in
, S
The Zadokite fragments. Philadelphia, Dropsie College,
1952. 32 p. 20 plates.
A facsimile edition of the manuscript fragments now commonly called the
“Damascus Document” and their dating and relation to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
e l d n e r
, M
a x
A bibliography of methods and materials of teaching Hebrew
in the light of modern language methodology. New York, Jewish Education
Committee, 1951. 98 p.