Page 37 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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i l b e r
, T
h e r e sa
K. Shalom Yeladim: Book I. New York, United Synagogue
Commission on Jewish Education, 1951. 116 p.
A modern primer, carefully prepared for teaching and reading by the
Whole-Word method.
p it z
, L
e o n
What the Liberty Bell proclaimed. Illustrated by Ruth Levin.
New York, National Women's League of the United Synagogue, 1951. 220 p.
A selection of miscellaneous stories of well-known American Jews which
have appeared previously over a period of many years in Jewish periodicals.
This should prove a very helpful book in connection with the forthcoming
tercentenary of the settlement of the Jews in the United States, (ages 10-14)
a y lo r
, S
y d n ey
All-of־a-kind family. Illustrations by Helen John. New
York, Wilcox and Follett, 1951. 192 p.
New York’s lower East Side is the setting for this very appealing and
heart-warming story of a Jewish family, Papa, Mama and five lovely little
girls, who range in age from four to twelve and do everything together. All
make a happy family unit. There is a weaving in of the various Jewish
holidays as well as accounts of home customs and cooking preparations,
which create a delightful atmosphere and a valuable picture of Jewish home
life of a not too distant era. Characterization is excellent and the atmosphere
and flavor of the story is true to Jewish life. This book won the Charles W.
Follett Award of $3000 and a gold medal, given by the Wilcox and Follett
Company for a worthy contribution to children’s literature. The author also
received the Isaac Siegel Memorial Award for a Jewish juvenile given by the
Jewish Book Council of America, (ages 9-14)
e l ig s
, D
F. Child’s history of the Hebrew people. Illustrated by Jim
Lee. Rev. Ed. New York, Bloch, 1951. 179 p.
A revision of a volume published in 1935. Jewish life from the days of
Abraham through the destruction of the Temple by the Romans. Excellent
format, (ages 9-12)
-------- . The story Bible: Together with tales from the Midrash. Volume II.
Joshua through the life of Solomon. Illustrated by Stephen Kraft. New York,
Behrman, 1951. 192 p.
This second volume continues in the same beautiful strain of writing as
manifested in the previous book. On the whole, a superlative production in
text, illustration and format, (ages 9-12)