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there again the publication of Mr. Cecil Ro th ’s very valuable
and entrancingly interesting record of its development and progress
had to be postponed until 1950. The Spanish and Portuguese
Jews’ Congregation (the Sephardim), the senior branch of Anglo-
Jewry, was more fortunate. At the end of 1951 it celebrated the
two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the main
synagogue in the City of London (Bevis Marks) in which it still
worships. In a few years the community will celebrate the com-
pletion of the third century of its existence and the formal consti-
tution of a publicly recognized Jewish community in England —
after an interval of three and a half centuries. Two books have
been published to celebrate the occasion and a third is to follow.
The Sephardim in England
is, as the title denotes,
a history of the community over the past four hundred and sixty
Treasures of a London Temple
is a description by recognized
authorities — each in his different sphere — of the historic and
artistic possessions of the Congregation. A third book th a t is still
in the press is
The Laws and Charities of the Spanish and Portuguese
Congregation of London
by Mr. Neville Laski, Q.C., the
vice-president of the Congregation. Other books of Jewish interest
th a t are in hand and will appear in due course are the auto-
biography of Mr. Victor Gollancz, the publisher, but even more
prominent as the spokesman and pioneer in all liberal (in the
non-political sense) movements in English and world public life;
a volume of essays, edited by Mr. Israel Cohen, in memory of his
Zionist colleague, Paul Goodman; another volume of essays,
Heritage of Israel,
edited by the Rev. Ephraim Levine; and
the Establishment of a State
by Harry Sacher, a former member of
the Jewish Agency Executive in Palestine, and one of the most
generous supporters of the Zionist movement.
braham s
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The Jews in England. London, Robert Anscombe,
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A history for Jewish children.
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History of the Hammersmith Synagogue. London, E. Goldston,
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With a memoir of the author by the Rev. Arthur Barnett.
m sh ew it z
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A fully and excellently illustrated tribute to a Jewish artist by his widow.
Anglo-Jewish Association Year Book. London, Anglo-Jewish Association, 1951.
110 p.
The annual report of the Association, together with a guide to Anglo-
Jewish institutions.
Anglo-Jewish Notabilities. London, Jewish Historical Society of England, 1950.
233 p.
A plan of a dictionary of Anglo-Jewish biography, by A. M. Hyamson; an
illustrated record of coats of arms granted to Jewish residents in England
previous to the year 1900, by Alfred Rubens; a list of all wills proved and