Page 40 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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letters of administration issued in respect of estates left by Jewish residents in
England, from the fifteenth century until the end of 1848, by Arthur P.
r e n d t
, H
a n n a h
The burden of our time. London, Seeker & Warburg, 1951.
477 p.
The first part of the book is devoted to an examination of the birth and
growth of antisemitism, culminating in a detailed account of the Dreyfus
Affair. Published in U. S. A. under title
The Origins of Totalitarianism.
r e n s
, H
a n n s
ed. Stefan Zweig. London, W.
H .
Allen, 1951. 191 p.
A biography and an appreciation of Zweig’s work.
s soc ia t ion
fo r
ew is h
o u t h
Selection of prayers and readings. London,
E. Goldston. 96 p.
A handbook for use in clubs.
u r e l
r ie l y
, A
l ex
M. Who’s who in the State of Israel. Tel Aviv, Near and
Middle East Publishing Co., 1950. 480 p.
An economic, administrative, cultural, social and political survey as well
as a Who’s Who.
a ro n
, A
l e x a n d e r
With hope, farewell. London, Jonathan Cape, 1952. 256 p.
novel, set out in the east end of London, of a Jewish boy’s struggle for
self-esteem and happiness.
a rw in
, V
ic t o r
Millionaires and tatterdemalions. London, E. Goldston, 1952.
181 p.
Seven essays describing life among Jewish immigrants in South Africa.
e n tw ic h
, N
o rm an
I understand the risks. London, Gollancz, 1950. 192 p.
An account of the enlistment in the British army during the Second World
War, for service of exceptional danger, of some thousands of Central European
Jews who had taken refuge in Britain.
e rn a d o t t e
, C
oun t
o l k e
To Jerusalem. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1951.
280 p.
Count Bernadotte’s own record of his attempt, that ended in his murder,
to bring a just peace and settlement to Palestine.
, P
h i l i p
Mishnayoth, vol. I: Zeraim. London, Mishna Press, 1951.
5 4 3
Hebrew text with an English translation, introduction, notes, etc.
, A
rno ld
l e in
, H
Maimonides’ laws of inheritance. London,
Shapiro, Vallentine, 1950. 40 p.
Hebrew text with English translation, introduction and notes.
Book of Prayer and Meditation, A. London, Union of Liberal and Progressive
Synagogues, 1951. 40 p.
r ow n e
, L
a u r en c e
E. From Babylon to Bethlehem. Cambridge, Heffer, 1951.
120 p.
A student’s history of the Jews from the exile to Babylon until the birth
of Jesus. A second edition with considerable additions.
am b er to n
, R
o land
Rain on the pavements. London, John Lehman, 1951.
239 p.
novel, narrating the story of a boy coming from the London ghetto.
o h e n
, A
(General editor). The Soncino Bible. Bournemouth, The
Soncino Press.
Hebrew text, with English translation, introductions and commentaries.
Ezekiel (Rabbi Dr. S. Fisch) (1950; 350 p.); Kings (Dr. I. W. Slotki) (1950;
337 p.); Jeremiah (Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman) (1950; 369 p.); Joshua (Rabbi
Dr. H. Freedman) and Judges (Dr. Judah J. Slotki) (1951; 333 p.); Samuel
(Rev. Dr. S. Goldman) (1951; 361 p.); Daniel, Ezra and Nehemiah (Dr. Judah
J. Slotki) (1951; 278 p.); Chronicles (Rev. Dr. I. W. Slotki) (1952; 360 p.).
o h e n
, I
s r a e l
Contemporary Jewry. London, Methuen, 1950. 410 p.
A survey of social, cultural, economic and political conditions bringing his
Jewish Life in Modern Times
up to date.
-------- . A short history of Zionism. London, F. Muller, 1951. 280 p.
A history of Zionism that, to a large extent, incorporates Mr. Cohen’s
earlier work,
The Zionist Movement.
-------- . Travels in Jewry. London, E. Goldston, 1952. 372 p.
A chronicle of the author’s visits to thirty Jewish communities in twelve
different countries in Europe during the period 1920 to 1935.