Page 43 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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Who’s Who of Jewry. There are also short sections on Israel and on the Jewish
communities in other countries.
a k o b
The Jewish people and Jesus Christ. London, S. P. C. K., 1950.
446 p.
A Christological study in the relationship between the Jewish people and
Jesus Christ.
J o h n
o f
L o e w e n s t e i n , P r i n c e . P r o c l a im f re e d om : a p a g e a n t o f J ew is h h i s to r y .
L o n d o n , L u z a c ,
1950. 79
p .
An exhibition of 35 dioramas, with explanatory text.
im c h e
, J
o n
Seven fallen pillars: the Middle East. London, Seeker &Warburg,
1950. 326 p.
i s c h
, G
u id o
In search of freedom. London, E. Goldston, 1951.
A scholarly history of the section of North American Jewry that originated
in Czechoslovakia.
andm an
, R
ow land
ed. Germany’s new Nazis. London, Jewish Chronicle,
1951. 76 p.
An account of the progress made by West Germany in the establishment of
Democracy, with an analysis of the neo-Nazi movement there.
an d sh u t
S. Jewish communities in the Muslim countries of the middle east.
London, Jewish Chronicle, 1950. 102 p.
A valuable survey prepared by a number of experts under the editorship
of Dr. Landshut.
e h rm a n
, S
im on
a u r ic e
. J ew is h c u s tom s a n d fo lk lo re . L o n d o n , S h a p i r o ,
V a l le n t in e ,
1950. 195
p .
The purpose of this book is to show how fundamental these customs are to
“a proper fulfilment of our duties as Jews.”
-------- . The Jewish design for living. 1952.
A comprehensive introduction to Jewish ethics.
e v e r
, W
a l t e r
Jerusalem is called liberty. Jerusalem, Massadah, 1951. 271 p.
An eye-witness’s experience of the events that accompanied in Palestine the
end of the Mandatory Government, with suggested explanations of the
outrages that accompanied them.
e v in
, H
Jerusalem embattled. London, Gollancz, 1950. 288 p.
A diary of the siege of Jewish Jerusalem in 1948.
e v in
, M
e y e r
In search. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1951. 524 p.
The autobiography of an American Jew whose adventurous and many-
colored life was well worthy of record, even though it had no particular
influence on the course of events.
A. The origins of Glasgow Jewry, 1812-1895. Glasgow, A. J. Macfarlane,
1950. 64 p.
An account of the origins of a provincial Jewish community in Scotland.
A. B. East end story. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1951. 99 p.
Sketches of Jewish life in east London (the London ghetto) in present days
and the recent past.
ev y
, A
rno ld
The Behr tree. Taunton, Wessex Press, 1950. 130 p.
A genealogical survey of a Jewish family, originating in Lithuania and
Danzig, many of whose members settled in England.
-------- . The story of Gateshead Yeshivah. Taunton, Wessex Press, 1952. 62 p.
A brief account of the establishment twenty-five years ago, and history of
this seat of Jewish learning.
, H
aro ld
Hebrew for all. London, Central Council for Jewish Religious
Education. 469 p.
A text-book for the study of Hebrew for adults and children.
, S
The Jewish annual. London, Williams, Lea, 1950. I l l p.;
1951. 128 p.
A brief guide to Anglo-Jewish institutions, a Jewish calendar for the year
and a number of essays by the editor on subjects of Jewish interest.
ib e r a l
ew ish
ynago gu e
. T h e f ir s t f if ty y e a r s . L o n d o n , Y o u n g e r M em b e r s
O rg . , L i b e r a l J ew i s h S y n a g o g u e ,
1950. 33 p.
A record of Liberal Judaism in England.