Page 44 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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a ckw o r t h
, C
ic e l y
The mouth of the sword.
An account, written for a Paris newspaper, of events in Palestine during
the last year of the British Mandate.
a g r ie l
, P
a u l
ed. The memoirs of the life of Daniel Mendoza. London, Bats-
ford, 1951. 116 p.
A reprint, abridged, of the Memoirs, published originally in 1817 of the
“Father of Scientific Boxing.”
, I
gna z
The Jewish mission. London, James Clarke, 1951. 166 p.
A discussion of the Mission of Israel after emancipation.
a y e r
L. A., and
in k e r f ie l d
J. Some principal Muslim religious buildings in
Israel. Jerusalem, Committee for the Preservation of Muslim Religious
Buildings, 1950. 50 p.
A gazetteer of Israel so far as Muslim religious buildings are concerned.
With many plans and illustrations. In English, Hebrew and Arabic.
a y e r ow it sc h
H. Oneg Shabbos: zemiroth. London, E. Goldston, 1951. 90 p.
An anthology of Hebrew table songs, with a preface by Cecil Roth.
i k e s
, G
e o r g e
e n t l ey
, N
ico la s
Milk and honey. London, Allan
Wingate, 1950. 160 p.
An amusing satire on contemporary life in Israel.
ew m a n
, J
u l iu s
Semikhah (Ordination). Manchester University Press, 1950.
174 p.
Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague. London, Collets Holdings, 1951.
Illustrated by a number of remarkably fine photographs.
v e d
, M
o s h e h
Visions and jewels. London, Faber and Faber, 1952. 320 p.
An autobiography of a Polish Jew, settled in England where he has sue-
ceeded as a dealer in costume jewelry of an individualistic character and other
objects of beauty, and also has written several volumes of an indefinable
character and amused himself as an amateur sculptor.
ea r so n
, H
e s k e t h
Dizzy: the life and nature of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of
Beaconsfield. London, Methuen, 1951. 284 p.
A new biography of Lord Beaconsfield: statesman and man of letters.
u n e r
, H
e l e n
a l k e r
Freud, his life and his mind. London, Grey Walls
Press, 1950. 264 p.
a b b in ow it z
J. and
M. S., editors. Studies in Jewish theology. Oxford
University Press, 1950. 320 p.
A volume of scholarly writings, seven in English and three in Hebrew, by
Dr. Arthur Marmorstein, for many years a member of the staff of Jews’
College, London.
a b in
, C
h a im
Hebrew. London, Lund, Humphries, 1950. 135 p.
A volume in the Modern Language Readers Series.
a b in ow ic z
, O
K. Fifty years of Zionism. London, Robert Anscombe, 1950.
130 p.
A devastating analysis, from the point of view of accuracy, of President
Trial and Error.
(2nd edition, 1952. 167 p.)
a b in ow it z
L. J. Out of the depths. Johannesburg, 1951. 422 p.
A volume of sermons delivered from time to time by the Chief Rabbi of the
a p h a e l
, W
in if r e d
Gertrude Emily Spielman’s memoirs: 1864-1949. Sevenoaks,
Caxton & Holmesdale Press, 1950. 93 p.
A short biography of Lady Spielman, a prominent Anglo-Jewish public
and communal worker, by her daughter.
Reader’s Bible, The. Oxford University Press, 1951. 1939 p.
The complete text of the Authorized Version with Apocrypha, designed for
general reading.
Refugee in the Post-War World, The. Geneva, United Nations, 1951. (Ref. A/
ac. 36/6). 395 p.
Preliminary report of a survey of the refugee problem, withdrawn on
account of protests by a number of governments, shortly after publication.
e if e n b e r g
A. Ancient Hebrew seals. London, East and West Library, 1950.
58 p.
A lavishly illustrated book which serves as an introduction to the study of
ancient Hebrew seals.