Page 46 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 11 (1952-1952)

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h o h e t
, J
a c q u e l in e
Jacob’s ladder. London, Harvill Press, 1951. 426
p .
A novel of Jewish family life in Cairo during the 1920’s, showing the conflict
between Eastern and Western cultures.
im o n
, M
a u r ic e
Jewish religious conflicts. London, Hutchinson, 1950. 176 p.
An account of the principal cleavages that have taken place within the
Jewish people since the close of the Old Testament over questions of religious
faith, doctrine and practice.
South African Jews in World War II. Johannesburg, S. African Jewish Board of
Deputies, 1950.
A record of the part taken by Jewish members of the armed forces of South
Africa in the Second World War.
p i e r
, E
u g e n
The protecting power. London, Skeffington, 1950. 252 p.
An account of the author’s life in five internment camps during the Second
World War.
u p e r
S . ,
il l e r
I. J., editors. The Zionist year book 1951-2, 5712.
London, Zionist Federation, 1951. 567 p.
The first issue of a new year book, based to a large extent on the scheme
of the English Jewish Year Book.
Treasures of a London Temple. London, Taylor’s Foreign Press, 1952. 68 p.
A descriptive catalogue of the ritual silver plate, mantles and furniture of
the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Synagogue in Bevis Marks. With many
U n i o n
o f
L i b e r a l a n d P r o g r e s s i v e S y n a g o g u e s .
b o o k o f p r a y e r s a n d
m e d i t a t i o n s . L o n d o n , U n i o n o f L i b e r a l a n d P r o g r e s s i v e S y n a g o g u e s , 1 9 5 1 .
4 0 p .
Compiled by the Ministers of the Synagogues.
Union Prayer Book for Jewish Worship, The. Vol. I. Johannesburg, S. African
Union for Progressive Judaism, 1951. 293 p.
, H
an a
Synagogue treasures of Bohemia and Moravia. London,
Collets Holdings, 1951.
Beautifully illustrated description of the textiles and embroidery.
e s t e r
, B
e r th a
pa f fo r d
Our Jerusalem. London, Evans Bros., 1951. 366 p.
The story of the career and activities of the American Colony in Jerusalem.
a l l e n s t e i n
, M
e i r
Hodayoth. Manchester University Press,
1 9 5 0 . 2 3 p .
Hymns from the Judaean Scrolls; text with translation, introduction and
a r d i
, C
h a im
Christians in Israel. Jerusalem, Government Printer, 1951.
An Israeli Government publication which includes an account of the
Christian communities in Israel.
i s e
, S
t e p h e n
Challenging years. London, East and West Library, 1951. 234 p.
The autobiography of a man who in his many fields of activity was always
interesting. Omits one chapter printed in the original American edition.