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C h o m s k y , W i l l i a m .
David Kimhi’s Hebrew grammar (Mikhlol) systematically
presented and critically annotated. New York, Bloch, 1952. 427 p.
An English translation of one of the great classics o f Hebrew philology and
biblical exegesis.
C h u r c h ,
B. P. The private lives o f the prophets. New York, Rinehart, 1953.
246 p.
Significant events in biblical times when the prophets Amos, Hosea, Isaiah,
Jeremiah and Ezekiel lived.
C o h e n , E l l i o t E . ,
ed. Commentary on the American scene. New York, Knopf,
1953. 337 p.
Sketches of Jewish sociological phenomena in the United States.
--------- . The new red anti-Semitism. Boston, Beacon, 1953. 58 p.
A symposium by contributors to
magazine on evidence of
anti-Semitism in Russia and its satellites in Eastern Europe.
C r o n b a c h , A b r a h a m .
Judaism for today: Jewish thought for contemporary
Jewish youth. New York, Bookman, 1954. 148 p.
A sociological interpretation of Jewish belief and practice in relation to
modern problems.
C r o s s , F r a n k
M., and
F r e e d m a n , D a v i d
N. Early Hebrew orthography. New
Haven, American Oriental Society, 1952. 77 p.
The development of Hebrew writing traced to the epigraphic evidence in
Phoenician, Aramaic and Moabite inscriptions.
D a n b y , H e r b e r t .
The book of cleanness by Moses Maimonides. New Haven,
Yale University Press, 1954. 645 p.
A translation of a portion of the Code in the Yale Judaica Series on the
Louis M. Rabinowitz Foundation.
D a v i s , P h i l i p .
And crown thy good. New York, Philosophical Library, 1952.
239 p.
The autobiography of one who had an interesting career in social welfare
D ix ,
G r e g o r y .
Jew and Greek. New York, Harper, 1954. 119 p.
Problems in apocrypha and the influence of Hellenism on religion in Ancient
D o l i n , A n t o n .
Alicia Markova; her life and art. New York, Hermitage, 1953.
319 p.
A warm and intimate account of the great Jewish dancer and her contribu-
tion to her art, by one who performed as her partner.
D u k e r , A b r a h a m
G. Jewish community relations: an analysis o f the Maclver
report. New York, Reconstructionist Foundation, 1952. 115 p.
An historian’s criticism of the survey, with his own program for a creative
Jewish community based on democratic principles.
E i s e n s t e i n , I r a .
Creative Judaism. New York, Reconstructionist Foundation,
1953. 179 p.
A revised edition of this outline o f Mordecai M. Kaplan’s
Judaism as a
E p h r o s , G e r s h o n .
Cantorial anthology o f traditional and modern synagogue
music arranged for cantor and choir with organ accompaniment, v. 4. Shabbat.
New York, Bloch, 1953. 395 p.
A thesaurus of the best known melodies according to the ritual o f the
E p s t e i n , M e l e c h .
Jewish labor in the U.S.A.: an industrial, political and cultural
history of the Jewish labor movement, v. 2. 1914-1952. New York, Trade
Union Sponsoring Committee, 1953. 466 p.
_The most significant time during which the needle trade unions made their
biggest strides and multiplied the benefits of the workers.
E w e n , D a v i d .
The story of Jerome Kern. New York, Holt, 1953. 148
p .
The contribution of the composer to American music.
F i n e b e r g ,
A n d h i l .
The Rosenberg case. New York, Oceana, 1953. 159 p.
The arguments justifying the conviction and execution of Julius and Ethel