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F i n k e l s t e i n , L o u i s .
The beliefs and practices of Judaism. New York, Devin-
Adair, 1952. 94 p. Revised edition.
A concise analysis of the basic doctrines of Judaism.
--------- , ed. Thirteen Americans: their spiritual autobiographies. New York,
Harper, 1953. 296 p.
The personal statements about religious growth including essays by Judith
Berlin Lieberman, David de Sola Pool and Julian Morgenstern.
F o r m a n , M a x
L. Ideas that work: pin-up programs for special occasions. New
York, Bloch, 1952. 229 p.
Material for sisterhoods and young people’s groups.
F o s t e r , S o l o m o n .
Spiritual trails to happiness. New York, Bookman, 1953.
94 p.
A book of religious poems by a leading reform rabbi.
G . G e o r g e .
The Jews, Jesus and Christ. Chicago, Argus Books, 1953. 52
p .
A reform rabbi explains his point of view.
F r a n k , P h i l i p p .
Einstein: his life and times. New York, Knopf, 1953. 298 p.
Edited and revised by Shuichi Kusaka.
F r e e h o f , S o l o m o n
B. Reform Jewish practice and its Rabbinic background,
v. 2. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College Press, 1952. 140 p.
This volume is about the synagogue and synagogue services, and burial and
mourning rites.
F r e u d , S igm u n d :
an autobiographical study. New York, Norton, 1952. 141 p.
The discoverer of psychoanalysis relates revealing facts about his life and
F r i e d m a n , P h i l i p .
Martyrs and fighters: the epic of the Warsaw Ghetto. New
York, Praeger, 1954. 325 p.
Eye witness accounts, documents, letters and testaments.
G a r d , D o n a l d
H. The exegetical method of the Greek translator of the book of
Job. Philadelphia, Society of Biblical Literature, 1952. 107 p.
Problems in the study of the Septuagint translation of Job.
G a s t e r , T h e o d o r
H. Festivals of the Jewish Year. New York, William Sloane,
1953. 308 p.
A modern interpretation of the origin and ritual of the main Jewish festivals
in which are included new translations into English from the liturgical poetry.
G e r o v i t s c h , E l i e s e r .
Sinagogen-Gesange. New York, Sacred Music Press,
1953. 207 p.
Synagogue music arranged for cantor and choir for the high holy days,
the Sabbath and the three festivals.
--------- . Schireij Simroh. New York, Sacred Music Press, 1953. 70 p.
Synagogue music based on the liturgy for the Sabbath.
G l a n z , R u d o l f .
The Jews in American Alaska (1867-1880). New York, Rudolf
Glanz, 1953. 46 p.
An examination of new sources concerning Jewish pioneers.
G l a t z e r , N a h u m N . ,
ed. The Passover Haggadah. New York, Farrar, Straus &
Young, 1953. 113 p.
Jacob Sloan’s English translation of the text with a useful introduction and
commentary based on E. D. Goldschmidt’s work.
--------- . Franz Rosenzweig, his life and thought. New York, Farrar, Straus &
Young, 1953. 400 p.
The life story of the eminent Jewish thinker with a large selection from his
religious works and letters rendered into English from the German.
G l e n n , M e n a h e m G .
Israel Salanter: religious-ethical thinker. Philadelphia,
Dropsie College; New York, Bloch, 1953. 219 p.
The story of the Musar movement in eastern Europe and the influence of
its founder on Jewish religious life.
G o l d i n , H y m a n
E. The Jew and his duties. New York, Hebrew, 1953. 246 p.
Popular abstracts in English of the religious laws as found in the
Shulhan Aruk.
G o l l a n c z , V i c t o r .
My dear Timothy. New York, Simon &Schuster, 1953. 438 p.
Autobiographical confessions written in the form of letters to his grandson.