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G o o d b l a t t , M o r r i s
S. Jewish life in Turkey in the XVI century, as reflected in
the legal writings of Samuel de Medina. New York, Jewish Theological
Seminary of America, 1952. 240 p.
The responsa of the Maharashdam have been examined and analyzed to
reveal the life and problems of the Jews in Salonika.
G o o d e n o u g h , E r w i n
R. Jewish symbols in the Greco-Roman period. New York,
Pantheon Books, 1953. Bollingen Series, 37. Volumes 1-3.
Extensive study of the origins of the synagogue in Palestine and the diaspora
and the development of Jewish art in relation to the symbols of other cults
and religions in ancient times.
G o o d m a n , P a u l .
History of the Jews. New York, Dutton, 1953. 254 p. Intro-
duction by Abba Hillel Silver.
New chapters by Israel Cohen bring this 8th edition up to date.
G o r d i s , R o b e r t .
The Song of Songs. New York, Jewish Theological Seminary
of America, 1954. 108 p.
A modern translation and commentary.
G o r d o n , C y r u s
H. Introduction to Old Testament times. Ventnor, N.
J . ,
Ventnor Publishers, 1953. 312 p.
A comparative study of the religious and cultural development of Near
Eastern civilization during the Biblical period.
G o r d o n , S a m u e l
H., ed. Unto thy children. Rye, New York, Community Syna-
gogue, 1953. 235 p.
Excerpts from Jewish literature.
G o u l d , J e a n .
Sidney Hillman. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1952. 352
p .
A biography of the head of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union.
G r e e n b e r g , H a y y im .
The inner eye. New York, Jewish Frontier, 1953. 393
p .
Essays on modern culture and nationalism selected from his writings
originally published in the
Jewish Frontier.
G u t s t e i n , M o r r i s
A. A priceless heritage: the epic growth o f 19th century
Chicago Jewry. New York, Bloch, 1953. 488 p.
A history of the second largest Jewish community in the United States
based on congregational archives and a thorough study of the contemporary
H a d a s , M o s e s ,
ed. The third and fourth book of Maccabees. New York, Harper,
1953. 248 p.
In the Dropsie College edition of the “Jewish Apocryphal Literature”
containing the complete Greek text with an English translation and intro-
Hebrew Union College Annual, v. 23. Cincinnati, 1952. 2 volumes. 710+772 p.
Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Hebrew Union
College, the volumes contain scholarly contributions by authorities in every
area of Jewish learning and biblical and oriental studies.
Hebrew Union College Annual, v. 24. Cincinnati, 1953. 356 p.
Papers in Biblical exegesis, Talmudic principles, Jewish art and Hebrew
H e r s h m a n , A b r a h a m
M. Israel’s fate and faith. New York, Bloch, 1952. 352 p.
--------- . Religion of the age and of the ages. New York, Bloch, 1953. 134 p.
The above two volumes consist of Sabbath sermons and discourses for the
holy days and special occasions.
H e r t z , R i c h a r d
C. The education of the Jewish child: a study of 200 reform
Jewish religious schools. New York, Union of American Hebrew Congrega-
tions, 1953. 185 p.
The organization and curriculum as well as the aims of the American Jewish
Sunday schools.
H i r s h , J o s e p h ,
D o h e r t y , B e k a .
The first hundred years of the Mount Sinai
Hospital of New York. New York, Random House, 1952. 364 p.
The story of the development of the first Jewish hospital in the United
States into a great medical center.
H o e n i g , S i d n e y
B. The great Sanhedrin: a study of the origin, development,
composition and functions of the Bet Din ha-Gadol during the Second Jewish
Commonwealth. Philadelphia, Dropsie College, 1953. 310 p.