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K o b l e r , F r a n z ,
ed. A treasury of Jewish letters: letters from the famous and the
humble. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1953. 2 vols.
672 p.
A collection of letters by Jews from ancient times up to the 19th century
from every part of the world and many languages.
K o e s t l e r , A r t h u r .
Arrow in the blue. New York, Macmillan, 1952. 353 p.
An autobiography from his earliest days in Hungary to 1931 when he
joined the German Communist Party.
K o h n , E u g e n e .
Religion and humanity. New York, Reconstructionist Founda-
tion, 1953. 142 p.
The role of religion in the struggle for a better world.
K o r n i t z e r , B e l a .
American fathers and sons. New York, Hermitage, 1952.
3 i6 p.
Biographical sketches of American fathers and sons, including David
Sarnoff, Albert Einstein, Adolph Zukor and Bernard Baruch and their
K r a e l i n g , E m i l
G. The Brooklyn Museum Aramaic papyri. New Haven, Yale
University Press, 1953. 319 p.
New documents of the fifth century B. C. E. from the Jewish community of
Elephantine in Egypt giving the Aramaic texts and English translations with
K r a f t , L o u i s ,
ed. Aspects of the Jewish community center. New York, National
Association of Jewish Center Workers and National Jewish Welfare Board,
1954. 252 p. Benjamin Rabinowitz memorial volume.
The aims and functions of the modern Jewish community center presented
by experts.
K r a v i t z , N a t h a n i e l .
Zaquta, the seer. New York, Vantage, 1952. 130 p.
Mystical homilies interpreting Jewish ethical values.
L e f k o w i t z , D a v i d .
Medicine for a sick world: essays and reflections. Dallas,
Texas, Southern Methodist University Press, 1952. 238 p.
Papers on modern Judaism and the place of the synagogue in Jewish life
by a former president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis.
L e h m a n , E m i l .
National survey of synagogue leadership. New York, United
Synagogue of America, 1953. 92 p.
An inquiry into the Jewish knowledge and religious attitudes o f the lay
leaders of conservative congregations in the United States.
L e w i n , I s a a c .
Religious Jewry and the United Nations. New York, Research
Institute for Post-War Problems of Religious Jewry, 1953. 136 p.
A representative of Agudat Israel analyzes the problems of Jewish refugees
and the rights of religious Jews.
L i e b e r m a n , C h a im .
The Christianity of Sholem Asch; an appraisal from the
Jewish viewpoint. New York, Philosophical Library, 1953. 276 p.
An attack on Sholem Asch and some of his novels.
L o n d o n , A n n a ,
B i s h o v , B e r t h a
K. The complete American-Jewish cook
book. Cleveland, World, 1952. 623 p.
3,500 recipes based on Jewish dietary laws.
L o n d o n , H a n n a h
R. Miniatures of early American Jews. Springfield, Mass.,
Pond-Ekberg, 1953. 154 p.
_ Reproductions of portraits o f Jews who lived before and after the Revolu-
tionary War.
L o n g , E m i l
J. 2,000 years: a history of antisemitism. New York, Exposition
Press, 1953. 324 p.
M a c e , D a v i d
R. Hebrew marriage. New York, Philosophical Library, 1953.
271 p.
A sociological study of Hebrew ideas concerning the family, sex, marriage
and parenthood as found in the Bible.
M a c I v e r ,
M .
The hour of insight: a sequel to moments of personal discovery.
New York, Institute for Religious and Social Studies, 1954. 145 p. (Religion &
Civilization Series).
Brief, personal spiritual autobiographies including those of Stephen
S. Kayser, Harold G. Wolff, Irving Ben Cooper and Simon Greenberg.