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R o t h m u l l e r , A r o n M a r k o .
The music of the Jews. New York, Beechhurst,
1954. 254 p.
<The author traces the development of Jewish music from ancient to modern
R o w l e y ,
H. H. The Zadokite fragment and the Dead Sea scrolls. New York,
Macmillan, 1952. 132 p.
A review of the problems engaging the world of scholarship as a result of
the discoveries made near the Dead Sea and a new survey of the problem of
the “Damascus” sect.
R u n e s , D a g o b e r t D a v i d .
Letters to my daughter. New York, Philosophical
Library, 1954. 131 p.
Ethical statements of the values a modern Jewish father would like to
impart to his children.
--------- . Of God, the devil and the Jews. New York, Philosophical Library. 1952.
186 p.
Essays on the manifestations of anti-Semitism.
S a c h a r , A b r am L e o n . A
history of the Jews. 4th enlarged edition. New York
Knopf, 1953. 455 p.
Brought up to date, through the establishment of the State of Israel.
S a n d b e r g , M o r d e c a i .
Ezkerah: I remember: oratorio. New York & Jerusalem,
Institute of New Music, (1953). Part 1-3.
An oratorio in memory of the six million Jews who perished as victims of
Nazi persecution.
S c h a p p e s , M o r r i s
U., ed. A documentary history of the Jews in the United States,
1654-1875. Revised edition. New York, Citadel Press, 1952. 762 p.
Documents and letters forming the source material for the history of the
Jews in North America.
S c h e i n b e r g , A b r a h a m .
Man and robot. New York, Bloch, 1952. 288 p.
Sermons preached by an American orthodox rabbi.
S c h o o lm a n , A l b e r t
P. Selected essays on various aspects of Jewish education in
the United States. New York, 1953. 62 p.
S c h w a r t z , J a c o b ,
comp. Shire B’nai Jeshurun: a century of synagogue liturgical
music: a complete Rosh Hashonoh morning service for cantor and choir, with
organ accompaniment. New York, Bloch, 1952. 144 p.
S c h w a r t z m a n , S y l v a n
D. The story of reform Judaism. New York, Union of
American Hebrew Congregations, 1953. 140 p.
A popular history of the development of the reform movement and its aims.
S c h w a r z , L e o W a l d e r .
The redeemers: a saga of the years 1945-1952. New
York, Farrar, Straus & Young, 1953. 385 p.
How the liberated Jews in Germany organized in their struggle for their
rights and legal recognition of their representatives by the supreme command.
S c o t t ,
R. B. Y. The relevance of the prophets. New York, Macmillan, 1952.
237 p.
A sketch of the social and religious history which formed the background
of prophecy, and an outline of the nature of prophetic religion and its im-
portance for modern religion.
S e a v e r , J a m e s E v e r e t t . P e r s e c u t io n o f th e J ew s in th e R om a n E m p ir e
L a w r e n c e , K a n s a s , U n i v e r s i t y o f K a n s a s ,
1952. 101
p .
S h a w , A r t i e .
The trouble with Cinderella. New York, Farrar, Straus and Young,
1952. 394
p .
An autobiography wherein the writer reveals the agony of an antisemitic
experience during boyhood.
S h o s k e s , H e n r y .
Your world and mine. New York, Lipton, 1952. 328 p.
An account of interesting places and people by a world traveler full of
personal anecdotes and experiences. Scattered and little known Jewish
communities are described.
S i c e s , M u r r a y .
Seventh Avenue. New York, Fairchild, 1953. 151
p .
A description of the garment industry in New York City.
S i g n e r , I s a d o r .
Rabbinical Assembly Manual. New York, Rabbinical Assembly
of America, 1952. 250 p.
A manual for rabbis.