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S i l v e r m a n , M o r r i s ,
ed. Prayers o f consolation. Hartford, Prayer Book Press,
1953. 104 p.
A ritual for mourners.
S im o n h o f f , H a r r y .
Under strange skies. New York, Philosophical Library, 1953.
349 p.
Descriptions of peoples and places by a perceptive traveler.
S m a l l e y , B e r y l .
The study of the Bible in the middle ages. Revised edition.
New York, Philosophical Library, 1952. 406 p.
The importance of the study of the Bible in the middle ages and the influ-
ence of Jewish teachers on the work of Christian commentators.
S o l t e s , M o r d e c a i .
The Jewish holidays. Revised edition. New York, National
Jewish Welfare Board, 1952. 91 p.
A guide to the origin and observance of the festivals with 250 questions and
S p i e r , A r t h u r .
The comprehensive Hebrew calendar. New York, Behrman,
1952. 228 p.
Comparative tables of the civil and Hebrew calendars from 1900 to 2000
listing the
for each Sabbath and other data.
Starr, Joshua, memorial volume. Studies in history and philology. New York,
Conference on Jewish Relations, 1953. 346 p.
Scholarly papers on Oriental studies and Jewish history.
S t e i n h a r d t , J a c o b ,
B a r u c h , F r a n z i s c a .
The book of Jonah. Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1953. n. p.
An illustrated artistically prepared volume of the text in Hebrew and in
S t e r n , H o r a c e .
The spiritual values of life. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1953. 257 p.
21 public addresses on Jewish religion and culture.
S t r a u s s , L e o .
Persecution and the art of writing. Glencoe, 111., Free Press, 1952.
204 p.
Studies in political philosophy and an examination of Judah Halevi’s,
Maimonides’ and Spinoza’s writings.
S t r o n g , J a m e s .
The tabernacle
o f
Israel in the desert. Grand Rapids, Baker,
1952. 106 p.
An interpretation of the biblical data on the construction and equipment
of the Tabernacle.
S u l z e r , S a l o m o n .
Schir Zion. New York, Sacred Music Press, 1954. 3 parts.
537 p.
Synagogue music for the cantor and choir, based on the liturgy for the
Sabbath, three festivals and High Holy Days. Contains a preface by Eric
Werner in celebration of Sulzer’s 150th birthday.
T a r s h i s h , A l l a n .
Not by power: the story of the growth of Judaism. New York,
Bookman Associates, 1952. 277 p.
A popular history of Judaism from the time of the prophets to modern
T a u b , H a r o l d
J. Waldorf in the Catskills: the Grossinger legend. New York,
Sterling, 1952. 248 p.
The story of a farm that became a famous resort.
T a y l o r , M e l b a
B. Kings and prophets: the Old Testament story, retold. New
York, Exposition Press, 1952. 123 p.
T e p l i t z , S a u l
I., ed. Best Jewish sermons of 5713. New York, Jonathan David,
1953. 231 p.
12 sermons for the Holy Days and 14 sermons for Sabbaths and special
occasions contributed by Conservative rabbis.
T e p p e r , J o s e p h
L. A challenge to Jewry. New York, Vantage, 1953. 135
p .
A discussion of Jewish problems with a personal statement about Judaism
and the relations of American Jews to the State of Israel and the need of a
universal religion.
T e r r i e n , S a m u e l L u c i e n .
The Psalms and their meaning for today. Indianap-
olis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1952. 278 p.
T h o r n t o n ,
F. B. Sea of glory. New York, Prentice-Hall, 1953. 243 p.