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G r a n o t t , A b r a h a m .
The land system in Palestine. London, Eyre and Spottis-
wood; New York, British Book Centre, 1952. 360 p.
A description of the agrarian regime and land conditions in Palestine by the
world president of the Keren Kayemet Leisrael (Jewish National Fund).
H o r o w i t z , D a v i d .
State in the making. New York, Knopf, 1953. 349 p.
The author, one of Israel’s leading economists, tells the story of the diplo-
matic negotiations which led to the establishment of the State of Israel.
H u r e w i t z ,
J. C. Middle East dilemmas. New York, Harper, 1953. 262 p.
An analysis of the conflicts in the Middle East with special emphasis on
American policy in Iran, Egypt, Israel, Turkey and the Arab States.
J a c k h , E r n e s t ,
ed. Background of the Middle East. Ithaca, N . Y., Cornell
University Press, 1952. 236 p.
A collection of essays dealing with the various problems in middle eastern
countries. Includes an eight-page essay by Salo W. Baron on Jewish history
in the Holy Land.
Jerusalem: City holy and eternal. New York, Hemisphere Publications, 1954.
98 P*
A picture-album of 63 sepia-colored illustrations of ancient and modern
Jerusalem, with an introductory essay (31 p.) by Salo W. Baron.
K a t z , D o r i s .
The lady was
terrorist. New York, Shiloni, 1953. 192
p .
An eye witness account of the fighting underground (Irgun) during Israel’s
war of liberation. Introduction by Konrad Bercovici.
K im c h e , J o n .
Seven fallen pillars: the Middle East, 1945-1952. New York,
Praeger, 1953. 464 p. Revised and enlarged American edition.
An up-to-date survey of the political, social and economic issues o f the
Middle East situation by a noted foreign correspondent.
L a p i d e , P h i n n
E. The prophet of San Nicandro. New York, Beechhurst, 1953.
240 p.
A true and amazing story that begins with a man and his vision and results
in the emigration of a community of Italian peasants to Israel.
L i l i e n t h a l , A l f r e d .
What price Israel. Chicago, Henry Regnery Co., 1953.
284 p.
An explanation of the political, religious and moral problems posed by the
creation of Israel from the viewpoint of the American Council for Judaism.
P a t a i , R a p h a e l .
Israel between east and west. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1953. 348 p.
A scholarly work by a noted sociologist and anthropologist who maintains
the thesis that the character and fate of the new state will be determined by
the relations between Eastern and Western Jews in Israel.
R e i s s , L i o n e l
S. New lights and old shadows. New York, Reconstructionist
Press, 1954. 160 p.
An album of over 200 paintings, drawings and etchings, recording a graphic
portrayal of the “new lights” of an Israel reborn, and the “old shadows” of a
vanished European Jewry. Introduction by Cecil Roth.
R o o s e v e l t , E l e a n o r .
India and the awakening east. New York, Harper, 1953.
237 p.
The famous traveler tells of her contacts with the Middle East via the Arab
and the Jewish worlds. In her chapter “Israel: A Dedicated Land” she seeks
to give a just evaluation of the Arab-Israeli conflicts and expresses her con-
viction that Israel faces new opportunities to bridge the West and the East
and become a potent force in the development and peace of the Middle East.
S a c h e r , H a r r y .
Israel: the establishment of a state. London, Weidenfeld and
Nicholson; New York, British Book Centre, 1952. 344 p.
An authoritative account of the Jewish-Arab war. The author, a former
member of the Jerusalem bar, gives an analysis of some of the problems with
which the State of Israel is faced.
S a m u e l , M a u r i c e .
Level sunlight. New York, Knopf, 1953. 303 p.
In a critical survey o f Israel’s political and economic development since
1948, the author sums up a whole life’s observations of the growth o f the
Jewish State and of the poignant human problems involved in its creation and