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a variety of book programs which had their climax on Jewish Book
Sabbath. Jewish schools arranged assemblies devoted to books,
set up exhibits, conducted campaigns urging students to buy Jew-
ish books, and arranged book review contests. In a number of
cities a variety of community-wide events took place throughout
the entire month. Many programs reached out into the general
community. These included Jewish Book Month exhibits at pub-
lie and college libraries, proclamations of mayors, and talks spon-
sored by the State Department’s Voice of America and the British
Broadcasting Company. Radio and TV programs were featured
in many communities. Department and book stores arranged
special displays of Jewish books. Book programs were conducted
in USO clubs, military camps and veterans hospitals. Typical of
such observances was “Operation Jewish Books” held during the
1953 Jewish Book Month in I Corps Area, Korea, which not only
brought a Jewish chaplain’s message on Jewish literature but also
a portable circulating library of Judaica to the front lines. I t is
significant to note that there was organized in 1952 the Jewish
Book Council of England which sponsored a Jewish Book Week
program utilizing many of our resources.
The Jewish Book Council made available the following mate-
rials during the period under review:
How to Conduct a Book Review Symposium
, by Mortimer J.
Jewish Books fo r Your Home
, by Solomon Grayzel
The Jewish Child in Bookland
, by Fanny Goldstein
The Little Book
, by Than R. Wyenn
Jewish Books in Jewish Schools
, by Philip Goodman
Children’s Poster
Jewish Book Programs
Jewish Book Month in Public Libraries
, by Gertrude Finkel
Poster, by Arthur Szyk
Poster, by Uriel Birnbaum
Some Jewish Books for Your Home Library
How to Publicize Your Jewish Book Month Programs
The Jewish Book Shop
, by Isidore Cooperman
Reading Circles fo r Women
The Jewish Library
, by Jacob S. Golub
Jewish Book Festival
, English and Yiddish editions
The Magic Book Shop
, by Sally Miller Brash