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The three Harry Kovner Memorial Poetry Awards, each valued
at $100 plus a citation, were presented to the authors of published
volumes of Jewish poetry in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish. In
1953 the recipients were Mark Schweid for
Collected Poems
dish); Dr. Isidore Goldstick for his English translation of
Poems of
; and Dr. A. S. Schwartz for his cumulative contributions
to Hebrew poetry. In 1954 the recipients were Harry H. Fein for
his cumulative contributions to English-Jewish poetry; Eliezer
Greenberg for his
Banachtiger Dialog
(Night Dialogue) (Yiddish);
and Ephraim E. Lisitzky for his
Ba-Ohalei Kush
(In Negro Tents)
(Hebrew). The judges for the awards were: Prof. Hillel Bavli,
New York; Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, Philadelphia; Dean Moses
Feinstein, New York; Dr. Louis I. Newman, New York; Melech
Ravitch, Montreal; Dr. Jacob Shatzky, New York; Dr. Eisig
Silberschlag, Brookline, Mass.; Dr. Shalom Spiegel, New York;
and Moshe Starkman, New York.
The Jewish Book Council of America has made plans for partic-
ipation in the forthcoming observance of the tercentenary of
Jewish settlement in the United States to be held from September,
1954, to May, 1955. The Council has made available two basic
A Brief Bibliography of American Jewish History
, by
Prof. Jacob R. Marcus, and
A Bibliography of Children's Books
and Stories on American Jewish History
, by Philip Goodman. The
September, 1954, issue of
In Jewish Bookland
is being devoted to
reviews of current books on American Jewish history and related
material. During the 1954 Jewish Book Month, which will be ob-
served from November 19 to December 19, the Council will place
emphasis on books dealing with various aspects of American Jew-
ish life. I t is urging local communities throughout the country to
present shelves of books on American Jewish history to public and
college libraries and other civic agencies as part of the tercentenary
For the wide coverage in the general, English-Jewish and Yid-
dish press of the activities of the Council, particularly Jewish Book
Month, credit is due to the Bureau of Public Information of the