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National Jewish Welfare Board, its director, Bernard Postal, and
George Perry.
With the growing recognition of the Jewish Book Council of
America as a source of authoritative information on many aspects
pertaining to Jewish books, the Council is operating what is in ef-
feet an information service. Calls for information are received in
increasing volume from authors, publishers, public libraries, the
general press and non-sectarian organizations. In addition, guid-
ance is given to individuals and every type of Jewish organization
in the selection of books, development of libraries, compilation of
specialized booklists and for a wide variety of other types of needs.
While the National Committee of the Council meets annually,
meetings of the Executive Board and standing and special com-
mittees are held reguUrly throughout the year. Serving on these
committees which guide the actual program of the Council are
outstanding literary personalities, librarians, and others who have
a contribution to make to our work.
For the past two years Harry Schneiderman served as chair-
man of the Annual Meeting Committee. The 1953 Annual Meet-
ing of the Council was held on May 13th at the YM & YWHA,
New York City. The main address was delivered by Prof. Salo W.
Baron on “Books for American Jewry: Desiderata.” Celia Adler
dramatized selected works of Sholom Aleichem and Bialik. A
testimonial was presented to Prof. Alexander Marx on the oc-
casion of his seventy-fifth birthday by Dr. Jacob Shatzky in
behalf of the Council. The literary awards, reported upon above,
were presented by Joseph A. Daroff, Bernard Kovner, Milton
Kovner and Mrs. Annie N. Siegel. Library citations were awarded
to three libraries by the chairman of the Library Citations Com-
mittee, Rabbi I. Edward Kiev. In behalf of the Resolutions
Committee, Solomon Kerstein presented resolutions in memory
of Dr. Louis Launer, Rabbi S. Felix Mendelsohn and Abraham
Epstein, which were adopted.
The 1954 Annual Meeting was held on May 26th in the same