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place as the previous year. In behalf of the Council, Rabbi Ely
E. Pilchik presented testimonials to the Bloch Publishing Com-
pany on the occasion of the centennial of its founding and to the
National Jewish Welfare Board in honor of the one hundredth
anniversary of the Jewish Community Center movement. A testi-
monial was also presented by Dr. Mordecai Soltes to Dr. Judah
David Eisenstein on the occasion of the one hundredth anniver-
sary of his birth. The literary awards were presented by Sidney
Daroff, Bernard Kovner, and Mrs. Annie N. Siegel.
Library citations were presented to seven libraries by Rabbi
Kiev. Solomon Kerstein read the resolutions in memory of the
following departed members of the Council: Mrs. Israel David-
son, Pinchas M. Gingold, Prof. Alexander Marx and Menachem
Ribalow. Philip Goodman reported on the council’s plans for
participation in the tercentenary. Dr. Joshua Bloch presented the
report of the Nominations Committee and upon his motion which
was duly seconded and passed, the report was adopted electing the
officers, members of the Executive Board, and national organi-
zations and members-at-large of the National Committee.
Ruth Kobart rendered several musical selections. Rabbi A.
Allan Steinbach, chairman of the New York Metropolitan Chap-
ter of the Council brought greetings. The meeting was chaired by
Dr. Maurice Jacobs.
Preceding the main address by Prof. Sol Liptzin on “After 300
Years: The Literary Legend of the Jew — And The Reality,” Dr.
Soltes presented the following testimonial of appreciation to the
outgoing President:
Dr. Sol Liptzin, Professor and Chairman of the Department of
Germanic and Slavic Languages at the City College of New York,
lecturer on Comparative Literature and Yiddish Literature, Presi-
dent of the College Yiddish Association and Secretary of the Aca-
demic Council of the Yiddish Scientific Institute, scholar and
author of many volumes on European literature and on Jewish
themes in world literature, has served the Jewish Book Council
of America faithfully for many years. As chairman of the Met-
ropolitan New York Jewish Book Council he vitalized its local
program. During his term of office as President of the Jewish
Book Council of America, his warm personality, charm, grace, and
enthusiasm have endeared him to his colleagues and inspired them
to display increasing devotion to the cause of Jewish letters.
In token of appreciation of his contributions to Jewish literature
and of his consecrated services to the Jewish Book Council of
America, this testimonial is presented by the National Committee
of the Jewish Book Council of America at this Annual Meeting
on May 26, 1954.