Page 22 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 12

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tun ity freely to choose our future. The choice we make, involving
the character of our cultural survival as Jews in America, will
reecho down the generations and will affect the lives of our de-
scendents until the end of time. Let us not be indolent in our
thinking. Let us acquire all the knowledge available to us. Let
us accept gratefully the help extended to us by the Jewish Book
Council. Let us read the great books of our past, from our original
guiding light, the Torah. Let us ponder on great works of the
present, which incorporate the conclusions of our rabbis and phil-
osophers, our priests and prophets, our orators and imaginative
interpreters. And then let each of us alone, or in association with
others, make our decision in the light of our needs and the needs of
May it be a decision of knowledge and not of ignorance, of
wisdom and not of folly, of dignity and not of convenience, of
moral greatness and not of apathy! And may it lead to peace in
our souls and happiness for all mankind!