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they can browse among Jewish books and occasionally make the
acquaintance of their authors. Sometimes it is even possible to
get an impromptu review off one’s chest directly into the ears of
the one most concerned. Such places are far too few in the Amer-
ican Jewish community.
The third generation, in the person of Edward H. Bloch, took
over the management of the firm upon the death of Charles E.
Bloch in 1940, and the continuity of the family’s interest is
further expressed by the active participation in this cultural
enterprise of another Charles Bloch, representing the fourth
generation. The policy of the firm has not changed. It has added
a considerable number of books worthy of its past; it has continued
to expand its sales in New York and throughout the country.
It has continued to be a firm pillar of the Jewish book trade.
In recognition of this fact, the Jewish Book Council of America
has expressed itself in the following resolution adopted at its
annual meeting, on May 26, 1954:
Founded in 1854 in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Edward Bloch and his
brother-in-law, Rabbi Isaac M. Wise, and continued from 1881 to
1940 under the leadership o f Charles E. Bloch, the Bloch Publishing
Company has, for a century, been a source o f instruction and inspi-
ration for American Jewry. Periodicals, prayer books, Bibles and
about one thousand titles on every aspect o f Jewish life and literature,
in Hebrew and in English, for children and adults, have carried its
imprint into every Jewishly conscious home. It has served, more-
over, as the distributor o f books o f Jewish content for a variety o f
organizations both in Israel and in America.
Edward H. Bloch, grandson o f the founder and now the President
o f the Bloch Publishing Company, and Solomon Kerstein, its
Vice-President, have displayed deep awareness o f the sacred trust
which is theirs in the dissemination o f Jewish books; they have been
intensely active in the work o f the Jewish Book Council o f America.
THEREFORE be it resolved that the Jewish Book Council o f
America at its annual meeting on May 26, 1954, extend its heartfelt
congratulations to the Bloch Publishing Company, its President
and Vice President, on the completion of the first century o f the
eminent firm’s fruitful existence and extend to the Company and
its officers the best wishes o f the Jewish Book Council, expressing its
hopes for the firm’s continued success and growth.