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Surveys of the problems confronting the American Jewish com-
munity were prepared by experts concerned with the future of
Jewish leadership and group activity.
There has been a natural increase of Jewish devotional books,
combining the original Hebrew text with English translations, and
new translations of Maimonides’ code.
An important record of the work of the Jewish Publication
Society of America has been prepared giving complete biblio-
graphical information. This volume in itself could serve as a
barometer of the tastes and interests of American Jewish scholars
and the American Jewish community in the variety of books that
have been written and published in this country.
American Jewish Year Book. v. 54. 1953. Morris Fine, editor; Jacob Sloan,
associate editor. New York, American Jewish Committee; Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1953. 627 p.
American Jewish Year Book. v. 55. 1954. Morris Fine, editor; Jacob Sloan,
associate editor. New York, American Jewish Committee; Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1954. 554 p.
Each of the above two volumes contains a comprehensive review of Jewish
sociological developments and communal affairs of Jewish communities
throughout the world including directories of organizations and Jewish
A u s u b e l , N a t h a n . A
pictorial history of the Jewish people. New York, Crown,
1953. 346 p.
The history of the Jews from biblical to modern times profusely illustrated
and highlighted with a popularly written text.
B a e r , A b r a h a m .
Baal T ’fillah oder der praktische Vorbeter. New York, Sacred
Music Press, 1953. 358 p.
A complete compendium of Jewish liturgical services and music and guide
for use by cantors.
B a m b e r g e r , B e r n a r d
J. Fallen angels. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1952. 295 p.
A scholarly treatment of the belief in Satan in ancient and modern times.
The ancient tales about angels and Satan and the influence of these beliefs
on Judaism and other religions.
B a r a c k , N a t h a n A .
Faith for fallibles. New York, Bloch, 1952. 205 p.
A collection of sermons on the living ideas of Judaism.
B a r o n , S a l o
W., and
B l a u , J o s e p h
L. Judaism: postbiblical and talmudic period.
New York, Liberal Arts Press, 1954. 245 p. The Library of Religion.
Representative selection of readings in the basic writings of the Jewish
people with introduction, notes and glossary, for college students.
B e l l i n , M i l d r e d G r o s b e r g .
Modern Jewish meals. New York, Bloch, 1952.
159 p. Enlarged edition.
A cookbook of Jewish dishes for the American Jewish home.
B e l s k y , J o s e p h .
I, the union; being the personalized trade union story of the
Hebrew Butcher Workers of America. New York, Raddock, 1952. 194 p.
A first hand account of an American Jewish labor organization.
B e n a r d e t e , M a i r J o s e .
Hispanic culture and character of the Sephardic Jews.
New York, Hispanic Institute in the United States, 1953. 186 p.
A description of Sephardic communities in Italy, the Balkans, the Near
East and in the United States.
B e r e n s o n , B e r n a r d .
Rumor and reflection. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1952.
461 p.
The autobiography of a renowned authority on art and his experiences as a
Jew during the second world war.