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B e r g e r , A r t h u r .
Aaron Copland. New York, Oxford University Press, 1953.
120 p.
Biography of the renowned American composer.
B e r t e l s e n , A a g e .
October '43. New York, Putnam, 1954. 246
p .
The story of the miraculous rescue of 6,000 Jews in Denmark during the
Nazi invasion of the country.
B i r n b a u m , P h i l i p ,
tr. The Passover Haggadah. New York, Hebrew, 1953.
102 p.
A new English translation with commentary and illustrations by the
scholarly translator of the prayer book.
B l a k e , P e t e r ,
ed. An American synagogue for today and tomorrow. New York,
Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1954. 311 p.
A symposium on the functions and trends in the structures of American
synagogues illustrated with architectural plans and photographs of out-
standing new buildings.
B l o c h , J o s h u a .
Of making many books: an annotated list of the books issued by
the Jewish Publication Society of America, 1890-1952. Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1953. 329 p.
A carefully prepared bibliography of the titles published by the society.
--------- . On the apocalyptic in Judaism. Philadelphia, Dropsie College, 1952.
154 p.
An essay on the relevance of the apocryphal apocalyptic literature for the
study of religious thought during the Second Commonwealth.
lo om g a r d en
, S
( Y
e h o a sh
) . P o em s o f Y e h o a s h . S e le c t e d a n d t r a n s -
la t e d b y I s id o r e G o l d s t ic k . L o n d o n , C a n a d a , C a n a d ia n Y e h o a s h C o m m i t t e e ,
I l l
Translations from the Yiddish.
B r a u d e , M o r r i s .
Conscience on trial. New York, Exposition, 1953. 147 p.
The famous disputations of Rabbi Yechiel, Nachmanides and of the city of
Tortosa translated into English with an introductory essay.
B u b e r , M a r t i n .
At the turning. New York, Farrar, Straus & Young, 1952. 62 p.
Three addresses on Judaism which were delivered at the Jewish Theological
Seminary of America.
--------- . Eclipse of God: studies in the relation between religion and philosophy.
New York, Harper, 1952. 192 p.
Essays based on lectures delivered at American universities.
--------- . Good and evil. New York, Scribner, 1953. 143 p.
The Midrashic interpretation of a number of Psalms presented from an
existentialist viewpoint.
C a l l a h a n , G e r t r u d e
E. Through the Old Testament and the Apocrypha.
New York, Beechhurst Press, 1952. 328 p.
The great characters and stories are presented in the order of the books with
traditional views about the dates and composition of the biblical books.
C e l l e r , E m a n u e l . Y o u
never leave Brooklyn. New York, John Day, 1953.
280 p.
The autobiography of the Congressman from Brooklyn who was chairman
of the House Judiciary Committee and an active worker in Jewish communal
Central Conference of American Rabbis Yearbook, v. 62. Edited by Bertram W.
Korn. Buffalo, New York, 1952. 625 p.
Proceedings of the Buffalo Conference containing symposia on Judaism and
anthropology, Judaism and existentialism, and preaching.
Central Conference of American Rabbis Yearbook, v. 63. Edited by Bertram W.
Korn. Estes Park, Colorado, 1953. 610 p.
Reports of the activities of committees and addresses and papers onprob-
lems of the liberal Jewish ministry.
C h a j e s ,
Z. H. The student’s guide through the Talmud. New York, East &
West Library, 1953. 290 p.
An English translation of the introductory essays on the Talmud originally
published a century ago by the rabbi of Zolkiew.