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worthy. One is the publication of a six-volume Mishnah with a
vocalized text, a literal translation parallel to the text and simple
notes which any reader can easily follow. The other is the first
fruits of a “Jewish Popular Library:” Dr. A. Cohen (editor of the
Soncino “Books of the Bible") on
The Parting of the Ways
Edmund Fleg’s
The Land Where God Dwells.
Credit for this
project belongs to the British Section of the World Jewish Con-
Four works of more than ephemeral interest deserve some
special mention.
The Faith of Judaism
(Soncino) by Rabbi Isidore
Epstein, the principal of Jews’ College, is a restatement in modern
terms, with reference to scientific and philosophical thought, of
Traditional Judaism. I t may stand beside Morris Joseph’s noble
work. An essay,
Jewish Thought as a Factor in Modern Civilization
published by Unesco and written by Leon Roth, formerly Ahad
Ha'am Professor of Philosophy at the University of Jerusalem, is
the finest
in English on Jewish thought written in our
The Rebirth of a Nation
(Goldston), edited by Israel
Cohen, is a memorial tribute to Paul Goodman, Jewish historian;
twenty-three authors write on topics of Jewish history or aspects of
Zion Redeemed. Finally, in the spring there issued from the press
of Vallentine, Mitchell, a volume edited and introduced by Rev.
Ephraim Levine — a symposium by eight diverse thinkers on the
significance for Jew and non-Jew, in the world today, of Jewish
values in religion, philosophy, ethics and politics. Just as
Legacy of Israel
, thirty years ago, opened windows for the scholar
through which he could look upon the world of Jewish civilization,
so in our different world of today, the educated layman may find
some enlargement of vision and corroboration of spirit in the
several vistas of
The Jewish Heritage.
b r a h a m s
, G
e r a l d
The chess mind. London, English Universities Press, 1952.
292 P•
Is there something in the Jewish mind — three of the six world-champions
being Jews — lending itself to chess? A sound and witty study of the mental
processes of chess.
l e x a n d e r
, E
n id
Morris Alexander: a biography. Cape Town,
S .
A., Juta,
1953. 256 p.
sc h
, S
h o l em
Salvation. London, Macdonald, 1953. 374
p .
A revised and enlarged edition. Translated from the Yiddish by Willa and
Edwin Muir. The story of a Jewish community on the Vistula in early 19th
century Poland. A masterly and sympathetic reconstruction of a world that
has passed.
a r a t z
, J
o s e p h
A village by the Jordan. Translated from the Russian by
Manya Harari. London, Harvill Press, 1954. 159 p.
The life o f Degania and the lives of its founders in 1911, written by the
father of this colony which is the mother of 250 communal villages.
a r t h e l em y
D. and
M i l ik ,
J. T. Discoveries in the Judean desert. With con-
tributions by R. de Vaux, H. J. Plenderleith, G.
M .
Crowfoot and G. L.
Harding. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1955. 178 p.