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A description of the contents of the first Qumran cave. Translations of,
and commentaries on them; an account of the findings; a full discussion o f the
archaeological evidence.
a r u t h
, K
ar l
e in z
The physical planning of Israel: the legal and technical
basis. London, Shindler & Golomb, 1949. 124 p.
All aspects of regional and housing planning.
e i n
, A
l e x
The return to the soil. Jerusalem, Youth and Hechalutz Department
of Zionist Organization, 1952. 576 p.
A history of Jewish settlement in Israel.
e n d e r
A. P. Sermons. Edited by Israel Abrahams. Cape Town, S. A.
Modern in method and approach.
e n tw ic h
, N
o rm a n
ed. Hebrew University garland: a silver jubilee symposium.
London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1952. 133 p.
A picture of the University at work, and of Jewish scholarship in Israel.
Contributions by Viscount Samuel, Leo Baeck, Isaiah Berlin and others.
--------- . The rescue and achievement of refugee scholars: the story of displaced
scholars and scientists: 1933-1952. The Hague, Martinius Nijhoff, 1953.
107 p.
By one who played a great part in the rescue by the Academic Assistance
Council and its successor, the Society for Protection of Science and Literature.
The German expulsions proved the world’s gain. They include men who have
become Fellows of the Royal Society and a few Nobel prizewinners.
er gm a n
, H
ed. The autobiography of Solomon Maimon. Translated from
the German by J. Clark Murray. London, East and West, 1954. 207 p.
One of the liveliest memoirs of all time and a brilliant insight into social
conditions in the Jewish communities of Eastern and Central Europe in the
18th century. The editor contributes a learned estimate of Maimon’s life.
ir n b a u m
S. A. The Hebrew scripts. London, Palaeographia, 1954.
o x e r
, C
h a r l e s
R. Salvador de Sa and the struggle for Brazil and Angola, 1602-
1681. University of London, The Athlone Press, 1952. 444 p.
A study in Portuguese colonial history: on the coming of the Marranos from
Amsterdam, London and Hamburg to Brazil and their rise into the control of
commercial life.
r o w n e
, L
e w i s
The wisdom of Israel. London, Michael Joseph, 1955. 596 p.
A revised edition of an anthology first published in 1948.
u b e r
, M
a r t in
Right and wrong. Translated
b y
Ronald Gregor Smith. Lon-
don, Student Christian Movement Press, 1952. 62 p.
A profound and original dissertation on the problem of evil, based upon an
exposition of five psalms, as applied to modern life. “An essay in existential
exegesis.” This essay is included in Buber's
Good and Evil
(New York,
Scribner, 1953).
a r l e b a c h
, A
l e x a n d e r
Rabbi Judah Ha-Nasi. London, Jewish Religious
Educational Publications, 1955. 28 p.
a s t l e
, J
o h n
The password is courage. London, Souvenir Press, 1954. 224 p.
The efforts of an N. C. O. of the Royal Artillery, taken prisoner by the
Germans in 1940, on behalf of the prisoners at Auschwitz.
h a j e s
, Z
e b i
ir s c h
The student’s guide through the Talmud. Translated
from the Hebrew. Edited and critically annotated by Jacob Shachter. Lon-
don, East and West Library, 1953. 290 p.
A treatise on the methodology of the Talmud, by a contemporary of Zunz,
who held to the belief that the oral law was a contemporary concomitant of the
written law.
h a pm a n
, G
u y
The Dreyfus case: a reassessment. London, Hart-Davis, 1955.
400 p.
A comprehensive reassessment of the dramatis personae in the Dreyfus
case. The author holds that incompetence rather than anti-Semitism was the
decisive factor.
o h e n
A. The parting of the ways: Judaism and the rise of Christianity. London,
Lincolns-Prager, 1954. 96 p.
Of Judaism between the Testaments — from Ezra to Hillel. An introduc-
tion to the Judean period of Jewish history, including the Apocrypha and the