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Pseudepigrapha. A comprehensive work on the religious, cultural and political
movements of the time.
o h e n
l ie
Human behaviour in the concentration camp. Translated from
the Dutch by M. A. Braaksima. London, Jonathan Cape, 1953. 295 p.
By a Jewish internee-psychiatrist who spent three years in German camps,
including ten months in Auschwitz and three months in the Austrian torture
establishment known as Mauthausen. A mine of information from books and
published documents.
o h e n
, I
sr a e l
Theodor Herzl: his life and times. London, Jewish Religious
Educational Publications, 1955. 36 p.
Fifty years after the last Congress of Herzl in 1903.
--------- , ed. Rebirth of Israel: a memorial tribute to Paul Goodman. London,
Edward Goldston, 1954. 338 p.
Israel Cohen writes a memoir of a distinguished servant of the Jewish people,
a Jewish historian and one of the early English Zionists. Twenty-three con-
tributions by scholars and leaders in Anglo-Jewry upon every aspect of the
Anglo-Jewish and the Israeli scene.
o l l a r d
, M
a u r ic e
The city called holy. London, Jonathan Cape, 1954. 224 p.
A novel of life in Jerusalem and of the love of a sensitive English policeman
for a Jewish girl during the last troubled days of the British Mandate in 1947.
o n r a d
, E
r ic
Lily H. Montagu: a biography. London, World Union for Progres-
sive Judaism, 1953. I l l p.
Published in honor of Hon. Lily H. Montagu’s 80th birthday. The story of
a dedicated life of 64 years’ communal service.
o o p e r
, D
u f f
David. London, Hart-Davis, 1955. 224 p.
First published in 1943. A book of permanent worth. A magnificent and
convincing study of David and of his background.
o u s i n
, B
e r n a r d
Sabbath and festival music for the home. London, Jewish
Memorial Council, 1952. 77 p.
Compiled by the Choir Master of the Hampstead Synagogue. Includes a
score of songs from the Haggadah. A comprehensive book for home, class
and youth group.
a n c y
J. C. A commentary on I Maccabees. Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1954.
206 p.
em b it z e r
, S
a l a m o n
Visas for America: a story of an escape. Sydney, Australia,
Villon Press, 1952. 267 p.
A documentary novel of the plight of refugees in 1940.
ia m o n d
, D
a v id
Our Shadchan. Illustrated
b y
Mannie Center. Johannesburg,
S. A., 1954.
A humorous satire on certain aspects of Jewish life in South Africa.
u p o n t
- S
omm er
A. The Jewish sect of Qumran and the Essenes: new studies on
the Dead Sea Scrolls. Translated by R.
D .
Barnett. London, Vallentine,
Mitchell, 1954. 195 p.
A full and up-to-date account of the Scrolls and of the excavations in Khirbet
Qumran, Wadi Muraba’at and Khirbet Mird. Dupont-Sommer has elaborated
the Essene theory based on the Habakkuk Commentary. A reconstruction of
the life and ideas of the Community of the Covenant. Well produced and well
d g a r
, L
e s l ie
I .
Cooperation between world religions: the Essex Hall lecture.
London, Lindsay Press, 1952.
The chief minister o f the Liberal Synagogue pleads for a Jewish-Christian
dialogue by which, while maintaining their identities, both faiths should
attain a solidarity which will ultimately lead to a world community.
p s t e in
, I
s id o r e
The faith of Judaism. Bournemouth, Soncino Press, 1954.
418 p.
A modern English restatement, based upon ancient and medieval sources, of
the doctrines and beliefs of Judaism with reference to and citations from
representative exponents of modern scientific and philosophic thought. This
work will take its place beside Kohler, Morris Joseph and Friedlander.
Essays presented to Leo Baeck. London, East and West, 1954. 211 p.
An 80th birthday
by 14 illustrious thinkers, Jewish and Christian.