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r u n f e l d
, D
a y a n
I. The Sabbath: a guide to its understanding and observance.
London, Sabbath League of Great Britain, 1954. 91 p.
Based upon Samson Raphael Hirsch. Philosophical and practical aspects
of the Sabbath. The spiritual meaning of
a e z r a c h i
, Y
e h u d a
ed. Theodor Herzl: man of vision and reality. London,
Jewish National Fund, Festival Series, 1954. 112 p.
A useful anthology for teachers and youth leaders compiled on the 50th
anniversary of Herzl’s death.
Haggadah for Passover. Compiled by the late Dayan B. Spiers. London, H.
Pordes, 1954. 96 p.
Reprinted from an edition of 1877. Based on a Hebrew manuscript by
Rabbi Shabsai Sofer of Przemysl (1614) and anl 8th century commentary by
Rabbi Jonathan Eybeshiitz, with additional notes by the contemporaries of
the late Dayan Spiers.
Haggadah for Passover. Translated and annotated by S. M. Lehrman. London,
A to Z Printers, 1953. 115 p.
A comprehensive commentary on the legal and ethical aspects.
a l e v y
- L
e v i n
, I
sa a c
ed. Israel argosy. Jerusalem, Youth and Hechalutz
Department of the Zionist Organization, Autumn 1952.. 188 p.; Spring 1953.
226 p.; 1954. 213 p.
Stories, poems and essays translated from the Hebrew.
a t f ie l d
, H
e n r y
Thomas Mann: an introduction to the fiction.
A guide book to a monumental achievement which includes the
tetralogy, showing how a small tribe in a pagan world, from its inner expe-
rience of a spiritual God, created a spiritual culture.
e r k l o t s
, H
G. G. Back to the Bible. London, Ernest Benn, 1954. 174 p.
How the Bible reached us. By a distinguished Christian cleric.
om a
, B
e r n a r d
A fortress in Anglo-Jewry: the story of the Machzike Hadath.
London, Shapiro, Vallentine, 1953. 240 p.
A labor of love by the president of the Spitalfields synagogue on its diamond
jubilee. With plates, photostats and documentary Hebrew appendix.
u s ik
, I
sa a c
Philosophical essays: ancient, medieval and modern. Edited by
Milton C. Nahm and Leo Strauss. Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1952. 358 p.
Homage to Isaac Husik. A selection from the wide range of his thought.
Israel: some aspects of the new state. London, Anglo-Israel Association, 1954.
56 p.
Includes a republication of Isaiah Berlin's essay “ Israel — A Survey” and
essays by Hon. Edwin Samuel (“Israel — a Democracy”) and Gershon Avner,
counsellor of the Israeli Embassy in London (“Israel’s Foreign Policy”).
Jewish Year Book 1953 (5713-14). London, Jewish Chronicle Publications. 516 p.
Jewish Year Book 1954 (5714-15). London, Jewish Chronicle Publications. 478 p.
Jewish Year Book 1955 (5715-16). Edited by Hugh Harris. London, Jewish
Chronicle Publications. 490 p.
A comprehensive and indispensable book of reference for the institutions,
personalities and chronology of Anglo-Jewry.
o n e s
, E
r n e s t
Sigmund Freud: life and work: vol. I: the young Freud. Lon-
don, Hogarth Press, 1953. 428 p.
Freud’s antipathy to religion, stemming from an ambivalence towards his
father, a Moravian Jew. His own psychology governed by repression, love
and hate.
a d h a k r i s h n a n
, S
S . ,
ed. History of philosophy: eastern and western. London,
Allen and Unwin, 1953. vol. 1, 617 p. vol. 2, 462 p.
Containing, in a chapter by Rabbi Dr. A. Altmann, a brilliant summary of
Jewish philosophy: an effort to harmonize the Jewish faith with secular
thought. Sketches of Philo, Saadya, Gabirol, Maimonides, Spinoza, Hermann
Cohen and Martin Buber.
a f k a
, F
r a n z
The castle: definitive edition. Translated from the German by
Willa and Edwin Muir, with additional material translated by Erthne Wilkins
and Ernst Kaiser. London, Seeker and Warburg, 1953. 451 p.
A parable of spiritual questioning. The new material has been added by
Kafka’s friend and literary executor, Max Brod.