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im c h e
, J
o n
Seven fallen pillars: revised and enlarged. London, Seeker and
Warburg, 1953. 439 p.
The story of the Middle East until January 1953.
--------- and
a v id
The secret roads. London, Seeker and Warburg, 1954. 222 p.
The fantastic story of
, the organization that directed illegal immi-
gration into Palestine during the last 10 years of the mandate.
l e in
, H
y m a n
Mishnah Megillah. London, 1952. 30 p.
A vocalized text with English translation and notes.
l in e
, G
eo rg e
L. Spinoza in soviet philosophy. London, Routledge and Kegan
Paul, 1952. 190 p.
Translations of seven selected essays on Spinoza by Soviet philosophers,
appearing in English for the first time. One essay deals with the Jewish
element in Spinoza.
r e i s e l
, H
e n r y
The rich man. London, Heinemann, 1952.
A novel of Jewish family reunion in Vienna.
a s k i
, N
e v i l l e
The laws and charities of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’
congregation of London. London, Cresset, 1952. 224 p.
A legal history involving questions of marriage, divorce and shechita arising
in the oldest Jewish community in England. Includes a series of brief bio-
graphical notes upon the main historical figures.
e d e r e r
, Z
d e n e k
Ghetto Theresienstadt. London, Edward Goldston, 1953.
275 p.
The technique of systematized brutality: rapid massacre by the gas-
chamber and slow murder through overwork and starvation. How the con-
centration camp became the extermination camp.
e h r m a n
S. M. Rabbi Joseph Caro. London, Jewish Religious Educational
Publications, 1955. 32 p.
e v e n e
A. The early Syrian Fathers on Genesis. London, Vallentine, Mitchell,
1951. 352 p.
Translation of, and notes on, a unique Syrian manuscript in the Mingana
Collection, Birmingham.
e v i n e
, E
p h r a im
ed. The Jewish heritage: a symposium. London, Vallentine,
Mitchell, 1955. 229 p.
On the perennial significance in its manifold aspects of Jewish tradition.
Essays by Dr. A. Cohen, Raphael Loewe, Rabbi I. Epstein, Albert I. Polak,
Maurice Simon, D. Daiches-Raphael, George J. Webber and Sir Leon Simon.
e v y
S., ed. Tales and traditions of the Talmud. London, H. Pordes, 1953. 162
p .
ip m a n
V. D. Social history of the Jews in England: 1850-1950. London, Watts,
1954. 204 p.
On the impact of immigration from Eastern Europe between 1881 and 1950.
A picture of the Jewish population in England, its economical and occupational
structure, and the voluntary organizations concerned with religious, educa-
tional and charitable work.
a d a r ia g a
, S
a lv ado r
d e
Essays with a purpose. London, Hollis and Carter,
1954. 191 p.
A collection of 15 essays, lectures and broadcasts by a liberal republican
Spanish Emigre man of letters. One essay, entitled “Spain and the Jews,” was
delivered as the Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture to the Jewish Historical
Society in 1946. The author holds that some of the strenuous supporters of
the Inquisition were of Jewish extraction.
Maimonides: the guide to the perplexed. Translated from the Arabic by Chaim
Rabin. London, East and West Library, 1952. 233 p.
Introduction and commentary by the late Prof. Julius Guttmann. A judici-
ous selection from the
“The essential Rambam.”
Man and Men: an anthology of English and American Prose. Selected and edited
by A. A. Mendilow, Sholom J. Kahn and Alice Shalvi. Jerusalem, Achiasaf;
London, Ararat Publishing Co.
From Milton to Edward Wilson showing how English and American think-
ers have grappled with the perennial problems of man in society. Compiled
by a group of scholars of the Hebrew University for the use of university
students taking English as their second language.