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r e sco t t
A. F. M. Jerusalem journey: pilgrimage to the holy land in the fifteenth
century. London, Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1954. 242 p.
The story of the Swiss Pilgrim, Prior Felix Fabre and his two journeys of the
15th century, together with stories of other contemporary travellers. The
relationship between Jew, Christian and Moslem in the 15th century. With
attractive plates and woodcuts.
a b i n
, C
h a im
ed. The Zadokite documents: (i) the admonition, (ii) the laws.
Oxford, Geoffrey Cumberlege, Clarendon Press, 1954. 95 p.
Hebrew text and English literal translation, both improved as a result of
comparison with Dead Sea Scrolls, appear on opposite pages, with notes
below the text.
ic h a r d s o n
, A
n t h o n y
The crowded hours: the story
o f
Sos Cohen. London,
Max Parrish, 1952. 247 p.
The nine careers in South Africa of Sos Cohen.
o th
, C
e c il
A short history of the Jewish people. London, East and West
Library, 1953. 476 p.
A revised, enlarged and beautifully illustrated edition of a standard work,
brought up to the establishment of the State of Israel in May, 1948.
u b e n s
, A
l f r e d
A .
Jewish iconography. London, Jewish Museum, 1954. 160 p.
A bibliography of ceremonial prints, costume plates, engraved portraits and
satires covering five centuries of Jewish social history. Based chiefly upon
Mr. Rubens’ extensive private collection. The impact of the Jew upon
Western life and culture. A wealth of illustration. A beautiful production.
u b i n s t e i n
A. L. Sabbath delight: a book for Jewish children. London, James
Clarke, 1954. 81 p.
Customs, legends and stories.
u s s e l l
iv e r p o o l
, L
o r d
The scourge of the Swastika: a short history of
Nazi war crimes. London, Cassell, 1954. 259 p.
“A monument to commemorate the inhumanity of men to man” (Neville
Laski). Three million killed in Auschwitz; at one time 10,000 each day were
put in its gas chamber.
Sabbath eve home services for children. London, Union of Liberal and Progressive
A progressive prayer-book for family worship, mainly in English.
a l a m a n
, R
e d c l if f e
Whither Lucien Wolf’s Anglo-Jewish community? London,
Jewish Historical Society, 1953.
The 17th Lucien Wolf Memorial Lecture delivered in May, 1953. A sharply
individualistic evaluation of the main outlines of change in Anglo-Jewry during
the last 50 years.
am u e l
, V
is c o u n t
Book of quotations: second edition. London, James Barrie,
1954. 284 p.
Revised and enlarged, with a new preface and introduction. “The Samuel
Dictionary of Unfamiliar Quotations” (Leonard Montefiore). A generous
place assigned for Jewish authors.
--------- . A century’s changes of outlook: the Hibbert centenary lecture. London,
Cambridge University Press.
“We must establish reverence and righteousness, exalt mercy and love. This
is to say, we must recreate religion.”
c h o n f ie l d
, H
J. The authentic New Testament. London, Dennis Dobson,
1955. 620 p.
The first translation o f the New Testament made by a Jew. The version
represents thirty years of research and five years of exacting labor. An
endeavor to bring the 20th century into touch with the first. With notes
explaining social and religious customs and ideas and with references to the
Jewish, Greek and Roman literature of the period.
im p s o n
, W
ill iam
W .
Christians and Jews. London, Epworth Press, 1952. 20 p.
Have Christians and Jews gained in mutual trust during the last 10 years?
Rev. Simpson, the General Secretary of the Council of Christians and Jews,
sees hopeful signs in England and Israel.
l o tk i
I. W. Moses Maimonides. London, Jewish Religious Education Publica-
tions, 1955. 44 p.