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American Jewish Tercentenary,” New York Public Library, which
attracted wide-spread attention.
Book reviews and lectures satisfied the eager demand of Jewish
audiences for information on Jewish books. In Cleveland, the
Jewish Community Centers furnished book reviewers to local
Jewish organizations. Among the other cities sponsoring book
review meetings were Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Chattanooga and
Schenectady. Outstanding lectures featuring authors of recently
published works were organized by Jewish Community Centers
and other groups in Lewiston, Me.; Buffalo, N. Y.; Elizabeth,
N. J.; Cleveland, Ohio; Winnipeg, Canada, and other cities.
Jewish GIs marked Jewish Book Month at celebrations held at
JWB clubs in Heidelberg, Tokyo, and Balboa. Book events were
sponsored by Jewish chaplains for servicemen in Kokura and
Sendai, Japan. At the latter place, the first issue of the GI
featured an article on Jewish Book Month.
Jewish book displays were seen at virtually all military posts in
To gain some measure of the extent of the participation in
Jewish Book Month, questionnaires were distributed to a select
list of organizations. As the Council did not have direct contact
with many local organizations and since the number of returns of
questionnaires is always far from complete, it can be inferred that
the statistics, for which we are indebted to Samuel Asofsky,
Statistician of the National Jewish Welfare Board, provide only a
partial picture of the wide-spread participation in Jewish Book
Month. I t has been possible to ascertain that at least 2,110
organizations in 402 communities participated in the observance.
As might be expected, the greatest area of participation was in
metropolitan New York. More than 300 synagogues and about
150 Jewish Community Centers arranged various types of pro-
grams. An estimated 262,000 persons attended over 2,350 dif-
ferent sessions. 138 organizations stated definitely that they sold
books of Jewish interest in connection with the observance. An
average of 48 books were sold by each organization.
During the year under review, the Council made available the
following materials which were widely distributed:
Jewish Book Programs
Jewish Book Council Flyer
Bookmark for Jewish Book Month
Jewish Book Month in Public Libraries
, by Gertrude Finkel