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much of the literature of the College is not for the general public;
it cannot be even called “caviar to the general.”
Despite the technical nature of most of the literary output of
The Dropsie College, a number of excellent tracts and books
have been published that can appeal to the cultivated taste of
serious readers with genuine interest in Jewish culture. Only
a few in each of the classifications can be mentioned here.
The literature produced by The Dropsie College has been
especially rich in the field of Jewish history and biography.
Dr. Abraham A. Neuman, President of the College and Professor
of History, has contributed a number of volumes in the field of
Jewish history and biography. His outstanding literary works are
The Jews in Spain: Their Social
Political and
Cultural Life during the Middle Ages
, two volumes;
Cyrus Adler:
A Biographical Sketch
; and
Landmarks and Goals: Historical
Studies and Addresses.
His chapter on “Judaism” (a small volume
in itself) in Edward J . Jurji’s
The Great Religions of the Modern
has come to be regarded as a classical statement of the
meaning of Judaism for modern Jews.
Megillat Taanit
, by Solomon Zeitlin, Professor of Rabbin-
ical Literature, has helped to determine accurately the chronology
of events in the Hellenistic and Roman periods and is considered
a major contribution to Jewish historiography. Dr. Zeitlin’s
writings in the area of the Second Jewish Commonwealth have
been both creative and challenging:
Introduction to
Tannaitic Jurisprudence
The History of the Second Jewish Common-
Religious and Secular Leadership.
Josephus on
and his
Who Crucified Jesus?
have helped to a better
understanding of the beginnings of Christianity. Among the most
prolific writers of the College’s alumni and faculty, Dr. Zeitlin
has also published works in Rabbinical Judaism, such as his
recent volume,
A Biography.
The Church and the Jews in the X l l l t h Century
, by Dr. Solomon
Grayzel, presents an interesting study of the Papal Letters and
the Conciliar Decrees during the years 1198-1254 , revealing the
relations between the Jews and the Church. One might here
include Dr. Grayzel’s excellent volume,
A History of the Jews
which has become increasingly the basic history text in Jewish
schools throughout the United States.
Jews in the Province of Posen
, by Michael M. Zarchin, is a study
of the communal records of Jewish life and history in the eight-