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eenth and nineteenth centuries. Professor Cyrus H. Gordon’s
Lands of the Cross and the Crescent, Introduction to Old Testament
The Living Past
reflect his major interest in archaeology
of the Bible lands and the entire Middle East as these affected
early Jewish history. Dr. Ephraim A. Speiser’s
and his
The United States and the Near East
are both
historical in interest and, in the case of the second volume, helpful
in understanding American diplomacy in relation to the awakening
Bible lands. Eleazer Lipa Sukenik who, until his death in Israel,
served as Director of the Museum of Jewish Antiquities and as
Professor of Archaeology at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem,
has made many contributions in the field of archaeology, such as
The Synagogue of Dura-Europus
Ancient Synagogues in Palestine
and Greece
The Third Wall of Jerusalem
The Dead Sea Scrolls.
Concerning this last subject, one might point out that the series
of articles by Dr. Solomon Zeitlin in the
Jewish Quarterly Review
vigorously attacking Dr. Sukenik’s point of view regarding them,
has set the scholarly world, Jewish and Christian, in stormy
conflict over the authenticity and proper evaluation of these
newly discovered ancient writings.
Partly in the area of Jewish history but also concerned with
institutions of Jewish law,
The Great Sanhedrin
, by Sidney B.
Hoenig, has filled a fundamental need for understanding the
origin, development, composition and functions of the
Bet Din
in the Second Jewish Commonwealth. His popular
A Guide to the Prophets
serves usefully in the field of adult
Ancient Israel
, by Harry M. Orlinsky, who was recently chosen
by the Jewish Publication Society of America to head a committee
to revise the present edition of
The Holy Scriptures
, falls in the
field of both Jewish history and the Bible. I t is undoubtedly
one of the best brief, authoritative and up-to-date treatments of
Biblical backgrounds now available. Professor Bernard D. Wein-
ryb is the author of numerous writings on communal and economic
Jewish history in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. Among his
important publications may be included:
Texts and Studies in the
Communal History of Polish Jewry, Jewish Vocational Education
Jewish Emancipation under Attack.
In biography, The Dropsie College has published a number of
significant volumes in which either new sources of material such
as newly found documents, communal records or manuscripts
have been utilized, or new interpretations of old and well-known
material have been presented. Especially interesting are:
Yom Tov Lippman Muelhausen
, by Judah Kaufman;
The Life and