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Works of Moses Hayyim Luzzatto: Founder of Modern Hebrew
, by Simon Ginzburg;
Jacob Emden: A Man of Contro-
, by Mortimer J. Cohen, in which an attempt is made to
utilize psychological techniques in the interpretation of Jewish
personalities of the past, and social and economic interpretations
are advanced concerning certain conflicts that broke out in Jewish
communities of the eighteenth century in Europe;
Rabbi Meir of
by Irving A. Agus, in which his life and works are
examined for the light they cast on the religious, legal and social
history of the Jews of Germany in the thirteenth century;
Salanter: Religious-Ethical Thinker
, by Menahem G. Glenn, in
which for the first time in English the story is fully told of a most
important and fascinating religious-ethical current in nineteenth
century Judaism;
Don Isaac Abravanel: Statesman and Philosopher
by B. Netanyahu, the first full and complete treatment of this
famous Jewish leader to appear in English;
Aaron Levy: Founder
of Aaronsburg
, by Sidney M. Fish, adds to our knowledge of
early American Jewry; and
Max Leopold Margolis: Scholar and
, by a group of his student-friends, with a foreword by
Dr. Abraham A. Neuman, and an annotated bibliography by
Dr. Joseph Reider, librarian of The Dropsie College.
The Bible has inspired much research among the students,
alumni and faculty of The Dropsie College. Robert Gordis’
The Biblical Text in the Making
is a study in the text of the Bible
as written and as read.
An Historical Study of the Canonization
of the Hebrew Scriptures
The Book of Jubilees
are by Solomon
On the Apocalyptic in Judaism
, by Joshua Bloch, is a
monograph dealing with a most important theme concerning the
origins of Christianity and how ultimately it broke away from
the basic thinking of Judaism.
The writings of Professor Max L. Margolis have left a profound
influence upon the modern Jewish interpretation of the Biblical
text, for he was one of the truly great Biblical scholars of our time.
Among his writings are:
The Book of Joshua in Greek
The Hebrew
Scriptures in the Making
The Story of Bible Translations.
Together with Professor Alexander Marx of the Jewish Theolo-
gical Seminary of America, he wrote
A History of the Jewish
Under the aegis of the Jewish Publication Society of
America, Dr. Margolis served as editor-in-chief and secretary to
the editorial board for the translation of the Bible into English,