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a translation that has come to be accepted by the entire English
speaking world as the standard Jewish translation —
The Holy
Dr. Joseph Reider, Professor of Biblical Philology and Secretary
of the Faculty, wrote
Prolegomena to a Greek-Hebrew and Hebrew-
Greek Index to Aquila
Deuteronomy'. With Commentary
, for
the Jewish Publication Society’s series of commentaries on the
books of the Bible. Dr. Robert Gordis wrote also
The Wisdom
of Koheleth
The Song of Songs: A New Commentary.
J . Young, in his
An Introduction to the Old Testament
, represents
one of the Christian alumni who have contributed to a wider
knowledge of the Bible. Professor Solomon L. Skoss, late head of
the Arabic Department, wrote
The Hebrew-Arabic Dictionary of
the Bible
, an important contribution to an increasingly important
area of Jewish-Arabic scholarship. Dr. William Chomsky’s im-
portant work on the celebrated exegete and grammarian deserves
an honored place in this area of scholarship — David Kimhi’s
Hebrew Grammar
Dr. Leo L. Honor, Professor of Education, has published re-
The Book of Kings I: A Commentary
, a splendid example
of the use of modern and traditional commentators for a fuller
and better comprehension of this difficult and important volume.
Pathways Through the Bible
, by Mortimer J . Cohen, is a popular,
but scientifically based, introduction to
The Holy Scriptures.
Philosophy, theology and liturgy are represented among the
literary achievements of The Dropsie College in such works as these:
The Problem of the Existence of God in Maimonides
, by Samuel Nirenstein, which comprises a study in the
religious philosophy of the twelfth century;
Saadia Studies
, edited
by Abraham A. Neuman and Solomon Zeitlin;
Saadia Gaon: His
Life and Works
, by Henry Malter, containing about all we pre-
sently know of this remarkable Jewish philosopher and leader
in Jewish history; Maimonides’
Treatise on Logicy The Problem
of Space in Jewish Medieval Philosophy
, and
The Philosophical
Terms in the Moreh Nebukim>
by Israel Efros;
Studies in Jewish
, by Abraham I. Schecter; numerous prayer books, edited
with commentaries and translations by Philip Birnbaum; Dr. Leon
J. Liebreich has published a number of original studies in Jewish