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i e n s t a g
Y THE time these words are published, the observance of
the American Jewish Tercentenary will have been concluded.
I f this significant commemoration had had a different approach,
it might have endeavored to stress the scholarly aspect of Jewish
creativity on American soil during the last half century and might
have focused greater attention upon many contributions on the
life and thought of Maimonides. I t was perhaps unfortunate that
the coincidence of the Tercentenary and the 750th anniversary of
the death of Maimonides was not utilized advantageously. From
the point of view of emphasizing the spiritual and cultural values
of Judaism, Maimonides could have supplied a
theme juste
for he
is a central figure in Jewish thought.
Anniversaries are usually accompanied by a revival of interest
in the literature of the subject. However, the Tercentenary has
so overshadowed the Maimonides anniversary, that publishers
have forgotten to reissue basic Maimonidean literature which has
been out of print for many years. The one exception is the Bloch
Publishing Company which issued a new edition of
by Solomon Zeitlin.
Unfortunately, some of the material enumerated in the fol-
lowing bibliography is out of print, even though much of it
appeared originally in this country. The bibliography includes
works by and on Maimonides as well as anthologies in Hebrew,
Yiddish and English. While a comprehensive Maimonides bib-
liography would undoubtedly include thousands of items, this
compilation is intended to be selective, listing both the most
significant works and those that are still available. I t can serve
as a basic library on Maimonides.