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Aboth deRabbi Nathan
or his compendium on
Pirke Abot
into English in the Yale Judaica Series.
o l d s t e in
, S
i d n e y
E. The synagogue and social welfare. New York, Bloch, 1955.
376 p.
The story of the social service program developed by the author who
collaborated with Stephen Wise in the work of the Free Synagogue movement.
o l t e r
, S
am u e l
H. The city of hope. New York,
G .
P. Putnam’s Sons, 1954.
177 p.
The development of a non-sectarian sanatorium for TB patients under
Jewish auspices.
o o d e n o u g h
, E
rw in
R. Jewish symbols in the Greco-Roman period, v. 4. New
York, Pantheon, 1954. 235 p.
An evaluation of the use of symbols in ancient Judaism together with
chapters on the menorah, the Torah shrine, lulab and ethrog, incense shovel
and shofar.
o t tw a l d
, N
o rm an
K. Studies in the Book of Lamentations. Chicago, Alec R.
Allenson, 1954. 128 p.
A theological study of its significance for Church and Synagogue by a Chris-
tian Hebraist.
r e e n b e r g
, S
id n e y
A treasury of comfort. New York, Crown, 1954. 277 p.
An anthology of poems and inspirational readings from general and religious
sources pertaining to death and suffering.
a h n
, H
e r b e r t
F. Old Testament in modern research. Philadelphia, Muhlen-
berg, 1954. 267 p.
A synthesis and summary of trends in biblical criticism and biblical theology.
a n d l in
, O
sc a r
Adventure in freedom: 300 years of Jewish life in America.
New York, McGraw-Hill, 1954. 282 p.
A history of the social, economic and spiritual life of the Jews in the U. S.
Hebrew Union College Annual, v. 25. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College-Jewish
Institute of Religion, 1954. 434 p.
Scholarly studies in the field of biblical, Semitic and Halachic literature.
e c h t
, B
e n
A child of the century. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1954. 654 p.
An autobiography of the American Jewish writer who supported the Irgun
movement prior to Israel’s War of Independence.
e l fg o t t
, B
e n ja m in
W. The doctrine of election in tannaitic literature. New
York, King’s Crown, 1954. 209 p.
The relation of this rabbinical theological doctrine to the challenge presented
by early Christianity.
e s c h e l
, A
b raham
o s h u a
Man’s quest for God. New York, Scribner, 1954.
p .
A mystical interpretation of personal religious experience.
o n o r
L eo L.
Book of Kings
New York, Union of American Hebrew Con-
gregations, 1955. 367 p.
A popular commentary for Jewish readers of the Bible in English.
o p e
, H
e n r y
R. The sculpture of Jacques Lipchitz. New York, Museum of
Modern Art, 1954. 96 p.
Containing illustrations of the artist’s themes inspired by the Bible.
Jewish book annual, v. 12, 5714-5715 (1953-55). Edited by Sol Liptzin. New
York, Jewish Book Council of America, 1954. 179 p.
The double volume contains, in addition to the bibliographies of new books
in Hebrew, Yiddish and English, Tercentenary reviews of American Jewish
literature, a special article on Jewish bookplates, and centennial articles on
the Jewish community centers and the hundred years of the Bloch Publishing
Jewish people past and present, v. 4: 300 years of Jewish life in the United States.
New York, Jewish Encyclopedic Handbooks, 1954. 455 p.
A series of useful monographs on the history and sociology of the Jews in
the United States, with special studies on Jewish literature, education and art.
o h n s o n
r n e s t
ed. Religious symbolism. New York, Harper, 1955. 263 p.
The volume of papers delivered at the Institute of Religious Studies con­