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A new translation and an analysis o f the prophet's theology in relation to
biblical religious thought.
e v in g e r
E lm a E.
Jewish adventures in America. New York, Bloch, 1955. 256 p.
Biographical vignettes of Jews who have become an important part of
American Jewish history.
ew i s o h n
, L
u d w ig
What is this Jewish heritage? New York, B ’nai B ’rith Hillel
Foundations, 1954. 50 p.
The first in a series of fresh interpretations of Jewish values for college youth.
ie b m a n
, J
o sh u a
o t h
Peace of mind. New York, Bantam, 1955. 161
p .
A popular edition of this modern psychological interpretation of Judaism.
i p t z in
, S
The English legend of Heinrich Heine. New York, Bloch, 1954.
The influence of Heine on British writing during the 19th century.
a n d e l b a u m
, B
e r n a r d
ed. From the sermons of Milton Steinberg. New York,
Bloch, 1955. 200 p.
30 sermon outlines for the five major holy days.
a n n
, A
r t h u r
ed. Growth and achievement: Temple Israel 1854-1954. Cam-
bridge, Riverside Press, 1954. 131 p.
A history of the well known reform temple in Boston and the rabbis who
served the congregation.
a r c u s
, J
R., ed. Jewish Americana. Cincinnati, American Jewish Archives,
1954. 115 p.
An annotated bibliography of books and articles found in the Hebrew
Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion Library. A supplement to Rosen-
An American Jewish Bibliography.
a r x
, A
r t h u r
Groucho. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1954. 254 p.
A biography of Groucho Marx, the American Jewish comedian.
a t t u c k
, I
sr a e l
I . ,
ed. Aspects of progressive Jewish thought. New York,
Farrar, Straus & Young, 1955. 158 p.
Essays by leaders of Reform Judaism published in honor of Leo Baeck,
president of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.
a u x
, C
y n t h ia
e a r l
The Old Testament and the fine arts. New York, Harper,
1954. 826 p.
An illustrated anthology of art interpretations, hymns, poems and stories
relating to the Bible.
in d a
, A
l b e r t
G. Ministering to the religious needs of the Jewish patient.
Minneapolis, 1954. 46 p.
A manual of prayers and devotions for use by doctors, nurses and ministers
attending the Jewish sick.
o n r o
, M
a r g a r e t
T. Thinking about Genesis. New York, Longman’s, 1955.
2 2 1 p .
M unk , E l i e .
The world
o f
prayer. New York, Feldheim, 1954. 234 p.
A commentary on the daily prayer book translated by Henry Biberfeld
and Leonard Oschry.
ew m a n
, L
o u is
I. The search for serenity.
N e w
York, Bloch, 1954. 312 p.
The 8th volume of sermons and addresses delivered by the senior rabbi of
Cong. Rodeph Sholom in New York City.
u d e lm a n
, E
dw a r d
A., and
l e s in g e r
, Z
a l m e n
The Jew in America. New
York, American Association for Jewish Education, 1954. 296 p.
Material for use of teachers.
e t u c h o w sk i
, J
ak o b
J .
The theology of Haham David Nieto. Welch, W. Va.,
Congregation Emanuel, 1954. 167 p.
A summary of the second “Kuzari” in defense of Jewish tradition.
o l ia k o v
, L
e o n
Harvest of hate: the Nazi program for the destruction of the
Jews in Europe. Syracuse, Syracuse University Press, 1954. 338 p.
A study of documents pertaining to Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jewish
o s t a l
, B
e r n a r d
o p pm a n
, L
io n e l
A Jewish tourist’s guide to the U. S.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1954. 705 p.
An encyclopedic handbook for the student and the traveller to the lore and
the life of Jews and Jewish communities in the 48 states.