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P r ic e , G e o r g e M cC r ead y . The greatest o f the prophets: a new commentary on
the book o f Daniel. Mountain View, Calif., Pacific Press Publishing Associa-
1955. 349
r it c h a r d
, J
am e s
B. The ancient Near East in pictures relating to the Old
Testament. Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1954. 351 p.
Reproductions of inscriptions, ancient sites and symbols portraying the
religious and literary background of the peoples and cults contemporary
with biblical times.
Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research, v. 23, 1954. New
York, Bloch, 1955. 227 p.
Proceedings of the Rabbinical Assembly of America, v. 17, 1954. New York,
Rabbinical Assembly of America, 1955. 287 p.
Rabbinical Council Manual of Holiday and Sabbath Sermons, 5715. New York,
Rabbinical Council Press, 1954. 204 p.
Sermons by American orthodox rabbis.
a s k i n
, S
a u l
Aron-Hakodesh. New York, 1955. 125 p.
Drawings of the holy ark and its Jewish symbols and ceremonies related
to the Torah. Yiddish and English descriptions.
ib a l ow
, H
U. The Jew in American sports. New York, Bloch, 1954.
356 p.
A revised edition containing new chapters.
--------- . Mid-Century: an anthology of Jewish life and culture in our times. New
York, Beechhurst, 1955. 598 p.
A collection of essays and extracts on Jewish themes from the Anglo-Jewish
press and other magazines.
--------- . What's your Jewish I. Q.? New York, Twayne, 1954. 106 p.
A quiz book about Jews and Judaism.
ic hm o n d
, H
a r r y
R .
God on trial. Portland, Maine, Bond-Wheelwright, 1955.
156 p.
Sermons delivered by a reform rabbi over the interfaith radio program in
Wichita, Kansas.
i s c h in
, M
o s e s
An inventory of American Jewish history. Cambridge, Harvard,
1954. 66 p.
A manual for the bibliography of American Jewish historical and sociological
, S
. Yossele Rosenblatt. New York, Farrar, Straus & Young,
1954. 371 p.
A biography o f the famous cantor and concert singer by his son. The
appendix contains a discography of the phonograph records made by Cantor
o th
, L
e o n
God and man in the Old Testament. New York, Macmillan, 1955.
168 p.
A Jewish philosopher's view of biblical theology.
--------- . Jewish thought as a factor in civilization. New York, UNESCO, 1954.
63 p.
How Jewish thought involves ideas that have become part of the heritage
o f Western man.
u b e n o v it z
, M
ig n o n
L. Altars of my fathers. Boston, Jewish Museum-Temple
Mishkan Tefila, 1954. 79 p.
A description of Jewish ritual art and related material in the museum of
the temple.
ch a c h t e l
, H
ym an
J. The real enjoyment of living. New York, Dutton, 1954.
192 p.
Essays and sermons of encouragement to people seeking mental and spiritual
c hm u l l e r
, A
a r o n
Moments and meditation. Boston, Bruce Humphries, 1953.
64. p.
Poems and translations from the Yiddish.
c h n e id e r m a n
, H
a r r y
a r m in
, I
tzh ak
J., eds. Who’s who in world Jewry.
New York, Monde, 1955. 898 p.
A biographical dictionary of well known Jewish personalities, with a direc­