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Noteworthy is the fact that the list which follows does not
contain a single volume of anti-Israel or anti-Zionist propaganda.
E i s e n s t a d t ,
S. N. The absorption of immigrants: a comparative study based
mainly on the Jewish community in Palestine and the State of Israel. Glencoe,
111., Free Press, 1954. 287 p.
The author, head of the Department of Sociology at the Hebrew University
in Jerusalem, deals with the absorption of immigrants in the
— the
Jewish community in Palestine — and in the State of Israel. It provides both
a historical analysis of the Jewish community and of the development of the
new Israeli society. These studies are based on a detailed and intensive
sociological investigation.
G o l d b e r g , R u t h
P o l h e m u s .
I saw Israel: an American reports. New York,
Exposition, 1955. 217 p.
An eyewitness report of the Jewish state by a free-lance writer.
G r o s s m a n , K u r t
R. Germany’s moral debt: the German-Israel agreement.
Washington, D. C., Public Affairs Press, 1954. 71 p.
A documentary monograph which reviews factually the background of the
agreement reached in 1952 by the West German Bundes Republic and the
Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.
H u l l , W i l l i a m
L. The fall and rise of Israel. Grand Rapids, Mich., Zondervan,
1954. 424 p.
A Christian’s frank revelation of Jewish suffering and triumph. The
author, who regards himself as a Zionist, presents the story of the Jewish
people. He sees the return to Zion and the emergence of the State of Israel
through the eyes of a missionary.
Israel 1954: a comprehensive illustrated survey of present-day Israel. New York,
Israel Office of Information, 1954. 226 p.
Issued on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the State of Israel.
K a p l a n , M o r d e c a i M .
A new Zionism. New York, Theodor Herzl Foundation,
1955. 173 p.
An American interpretation of the cultural aspects of Zionism according
to the Reconstructionist view of Judaism.
K i r k , G e o r g e
E. Short history of the middle east: from the rise of Islam to
modern times. New York, Praeger, 1955. 292 p.
K r a i n e s , O s c a r .
Israel: the emergence
o f
a new nation. Washington, D.
C . ,
Public Affairs Press, 1954. 46 p.
Presents the origin and development of the government of Israel, its political
way of life, the legislative, executive and judicial processes, and its foreign
L e w i s o h n , L u d w i g ,
ed. Theodor Herzl: a portrait for this age. Cleveland, World,
1955. 345 p.
Selections from Herzl’s diaries and other writings.
L i t v i n o f f , B a r n e t .
Ben-Gurion of Israel. New York, Praeger, 1954. 273 p.
A full-length biography of Israel’s first prime minister.
The Middle East: a political and economic survey. New York, Royal Institute of
International Affairs, 1954. 2nd edition. 590 p.
Nagel’s travel guide: Israel. New York, Praeger, 1954. 304 p.
One of the series of these popular guide books designed both for the tourist
and the one interested in obtaining a detailed account, past and present, of
the country. Contains 38 maps, including 24 in color.
P a r k e s , J a m e s
W. End of an exile. New York, Library Publishers, 1954. 192 p.
A study of the relation of the State of Israel to other Jewish communities
and to the non-Jewish world and the Arabs.
R a c k m a n , E m a n u e l .
Israel’s emerging constitution: 1948-1951. New York,
Columbia, 1955. 204 p.
The basic law of the new state with a description of the differing views of
the parties, the relations between Jews and Arabs and the status of women
and non-Israeli Jews.