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c h a l it
M. A. Travelled roads. New York, Abelard-Schuman, 1954. 365 p.
An autobiography describing youth in Palestine and student days in
Security and the middle east. Proposals submitted to the president of the United
States. New York, 1954. 159 p.
A memorandum drawn up on the initiative of the Nation Associates, signed
by nineteen eminent Americans. Suggests a thorough analysis of the state of
affairs in the Middle East.
r e v e r
, J
o h n
C. Cradle of our faith: the holy land. San Angelo, Texas, Newsfoto
Publishing Co., 1954. 85 p.
Sponsored by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, this well-
produced book attempts to present a pictorial journey through the holy land.
The text emphasizes the sites sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims.
The introductory chapter on Judaism was written by Dr. Moses Jung. The
volume is enhanced by excellent color photographs.
e in g a r t e n
, M
u r r a y
Life in a Kibbutz. New York, Reconstructionist Press,
1955. 173 p.
An American young man relates his experiences in a cooperative agricultural
settlement in Israel and evaluates this movement.