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a r g e l l in i
, P
ie r o
David. Translated by Elizabeth Abbott. New York,
Kennedy, 1954. 165 p.
The story of David, king and prophet o f Israel.
ir s t e i n
, A
n n
The troublemaker. New York, Dodd, Mead, 1955. 214 p.
Story of the Morris family in New York. Cookie, an 11>£ year old, is
considered a troublemaker by Mama, but actually isn’t. She is bright, curious
and in the throes of the usual adolescent miseries. The main source of tension
is Mama herself, who cannot adjust to her new environment.
F a l s t e i n , L o u i s .
Sole survivor. New York, Dell, 1954. 191 p.
Anton (Haim) Prinz, an idealist and survivor of a Nazi death camp, comes
to New York to start a new life. Here he recognizes a vicious Nazi prison
camp guard who had murdered his brother. Partly for personal revenge, but
chiefly to strike at the conscience of a world which has lightly and easily
forgotten Buchenwald, he kills the guard.
e i n
, H
a r r y
H .
Farewell to Samaria: a story of the last years of the Kingdom of
Israel. Boston, Verndale, 1955. 232 p.
Interwoven with the economic, religious and political events of the period
is the love story of Asa and Miriam.
F e r g u s s o n , H a r v e y .
The conquest of Don Pedro. New York, Morrow, 1954.
25° p.
Leo Mendes, a Portuguese Jew, moves to the little village of Don Pedro in
New Mexico from New York’s East Side. His exploits as a conquistador
among the restless inhabitants make a fascinating tale.
F e u c h t w a n g e r , L
io n
Raquel. Translated by Ernst Kaiser and Erthne Wilkins.
New York, Messner, 1955. 500 p.
The tragic love story of Alfonso VIII, King of Castile in the 12th century,
for Raquel, daughter of a Jewish merchant, Don Yehuda, and Raquel’s death
at the hands of the vengeful Castilians.
F r a n k l i n ,
F. K. The cleft in the rock. New York, Crowell, 1955. 250 p.
Bergman, a neurotic Jewish intellectual who flees from a society to which
he cannot adjust, is eventually destroyed by a sadistic foreman of a construc-
tion crew on a volcanic rock in the Aleutians.
e il ic h
, R
a c h e l
e v i n
Yudel: a novel. Philadelphia, Dorrance,
1 9 5 5 . 2 2 8
The story of a Russian-born Jew and his adjustment to and in the United
G e r c h u n o f f , A l b e r t o .
The Jewish gauchos of the pampas. Translated by
Prudencio de Pereda. Illustrated by Victor L. RebufFo. New York, Abelard-
Schuman, 1955. 185 p.
This book, first published in 1910, consists of a series of sketches of Jews who
settled in the Baron de Hirsch colonies in Argentina at the beginning of this
o ld
, H
e r b e r t
The prospect before us. Cleveland, World, 1954. 266 p.
Harry Bowers, a successful hotel proprietor in Cleveland, becomes involved
in race hatred when he permits a Negro to stay at his hotel.
o lt
, F
e l ix
Dan’l Boone kissed me. New York, Dutton, 1954. 248
p .
Great excitement is aroused in the Jackson Purchase County of Kentucky
when the first Jew comes to settle there. The grandmother, whose mind
wanders and who was once kissed by Dan’l Boone, thinks the Jewish merchant
is Dan’l himself.
o w e
, I
r v in g
r e e n b e r g
, E
l ie z e r
eds. A treasury of Yiddish stories.
With drawings by Ben Shahn. New York, Viking, 1954. 630 p.
The anthology performs its task of bringing Yiddish literature in English
responsibly and elegantly. Among the 23 writers represented are several whose
prose had not been rendered into English before.
K a - t z e t n i k
135633. House of dolls. Translated by Moshe M. Kohn. New
York, Simon & Schuster, 1955. 245 p.
This is the secret notebook of 14 year old Daniella who was caught up by
the German invasion of Poland during her first high school overnight excursion.
It is a relentless picture of Nazi bestiality.
e r n
, L
o u i s a
The wife of Mahlon. New York, Pageant, 1954. 52
p .
A re-telling o f the Biblical story of Ruth, daughter-in-law of Naomi.