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S w i g g e t t , H o w a r d .
The power and the prize: a novel. New York, Ballantine,
1954. 326 p.
Cleves Barwick, Vice-Chairman of Allied Materials, is portrayed against
contrasting settings of poverty, wealth and power in London and New York.
There is the grim contest of conflicting wills as Barwick pursues the haunt-
ingly beautiful Viennese refugee, Rachel Linka, and is opposed by his Chair-
man, George Salt, on the basis that the marriage would not “be suitable."
B e t t y
S. Rock of refuge. New York, Vantage, 1954. 200 p.
How a daughter exerted undue influence on her mother and, after her
engagement to a rabbi, reconverted her to Judaism.
V a n A e r d e , R o g i e r .
Cain. Translated by I. and
E .
Graham-Wilson. Illustrated
by Patricia K. Watters. Chicago, Regnery, 1954. 262 p.
Here again is the deathless story of Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel;
together with the tragedy and bewilderment of Cain.
W a g n e r , E l i o t .
Grand Concourse. Indianapolis-New York, Bobbs-Merrill, 1954.
352 p.
The Grand Concourse becomes the symbol of achievement to the Margulies
family living in the Bronx. Hopelessness and frustration are the themes of
this book, where the characters are trapped in a drab milieu from which they
escape only in dreams or death.
W e i n r e b , N a t h a n i e l N o r s e n .
The sorceress. Garden City,
N .
Y., Doubleday,
1954. 312 p.
Historical novel of the Biblical story of Deborah, the woman judge, and the
triumph of Israel over the Canaanites.
W i e d m a n , J e r o m e .
Your daughter, Iris. New York, Doubleday, 1955. 314
p .
The letters of Iris Dodd of Tremont Avenue, the Bronx, to her mother,
after her marriage to Dr. Martin Dodd takes her to England.
W o l f e r t , I r a .
An act of love: a completely retold version of the novel. New
York, Simon & Schuster, 1954. 519 p.
The trials and tribulations of Harry Brunner, a wounded Jewish navy flier
whose ship is washed up on one of the Solomon Islands.
Y a f f e , J a m e s .
What's the big hurry? Boston, Atlantic, Little, Brown, 1954.
331 p.
Character study of Dan Waxman, who in the booming twenties moved to
Chicago and became chief accountant for a Mr. Drexell, a public utilities
magnate; and the bitter effect on him when the Drexell empire collapses in
Z a r a , L o u i s .
Blessed is the land. New York, Crown, 1954. 393 p.
Novel based on the experiences of the first Jewish settlers in this country,
as told in the journal of Ashur Levy, and their fight for acceptance as Jews to
settle in America. Fast paced and full of interesting details of that period.
The author received the Jewish Book Council’s Harry and Ethel DarofF
Memorial Award for this work.