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o l d s t e i n
HE Tercentenary of American Jewry stimulated the writing
of three juvenile books on stirring events and outstanding
personalities of American Jewish history. Other juveniles have
revitalized and reinterpreted for Jewish youth aspects of the
Jewish cultural heritage hitherto insufficiently appreciated. Hori-
zons have broadened and the outlook is good that the present
wider scope and liner quality of Jewish juveniles will continue
into the future.
As usual, about half of the juveniles, fourteen out of twenty-
seven, deal with Biblical subjects, either retelling the ancient
stories or embroidering them with fictional details. The compulsion
of the Biblical sources limits to some extent the range of the
contemporary authors’ originality.
Six juveniles, dealing with Jewish holidays, are designed for
different age-groups. Whether in prose or verse, they too must
repeat much traditional subject-matter.
In addition to the three books which stress the American scene,
there have also been published four books which are original in
theme and which convey interesting material of a fictitious or
informational character. These four books out of twenty-seven
can definitely be classed as original creative writing. Will the
stimulus of the Tercentenary result in more and better writing by
American authors for Jewish children? The present year can well
serve as a yardstick for measuring the increasing or decreasing
productivity of the coming years.
A b r a m s o n , L i l l i a n
a n d L e i d e r m a n , L i l l i a n
T. Jewish holiday party book: a
practical guide for mother and teacher. New York, Bloch, 1954. 71 p.
A practical guide for mothers and teachers of children. Suggestions are
offered for small group parties for most of the Jewish holidays as well as for
Israel Independence Day and an Oneg Shabbat. Written simply and clearly,
the book provides for the participation of the children in the planning and
preparation for the party, (ages 5-12)
A r o n o f f , D a i s y .
A B C Bible and holiday stories. Illustrated by Leila Nash
Danciger. New York, Bloch, 1955.
Twenty-six stories, one for each letter of the alphabet. This is a second
printing of an excellent introduction to the Bible and the Jewish holidays,
(ages 6-9)