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B a r o n , S a m u e l H . ,
ed. Children’s devotions. New York, Bookman Associates,
1954. 105 p.
A representative and suggestive selection of prayers and devotions for
young people, from pre-school to high school age.
B o t h w e l l , J e a n .
Flame in the sky. Illustrated by Jacob Landau. New York,
Vanguard, 1954. 160 p.
A story set in the time of the prophet Elijah, (ages 12-15)
C h a n o v e r , H ym a n a n d A l i c e .
Happy Hanukah everybody. Illustrated by
Maurice Sendak. New York, United Synagogue Commission on Jewish
Education, 1954.
Modern and attractively rendered in a swiftly paced movement, this book
will captivate the young reader, (ages 5-8)
C o l o d n e r , S o l o m o n .
Selections from the Torah. New York, Behrman, 1953. 63 p.
Readings from the Pentateuch, an historical explanation in English, sayings
of the rabbis, and suggestions for class discussion showing how the Torah
arose out of problems of Jewish living in ancient times and how it relates to
the young person’s life as a Jew and American, (ages 12-16)
D o a n e , P e l a g i e .
Bible children: stories from the Old Testament. Illustrated by
the author. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1954. 64 p.
Presents brief incidents, simply told, from the childhood of Cain and Abel,
Isaac, Benjamin, Miriam, Samuel, David, Daniel and Esther. Beautiful
illustrations in color, large type and attractive format, (ages 6-9)
F a n c h i o t t i , M a r g h e r i t a .
A bow in the cloud. Illustrated by Moyra Leatham.
New York, Oxford, 1954. 227 p.
An imaginative yet reverent story of four children who sought and found
refuge on the Ark with Noah’s family and the animals. The book has adven-
ture, humor and pathos, (ages 8-12)
G a r v e y , R o b e r t .
Jewish child’s activity funbook. Pictures by Gabe Josephson.
New York, Ktav, 1954. 32 p.
Stories about the Sabbath and holidays, pictures to color and full-color
--------- . The first book of Jewish holidays. Illustrated by Sam Weiss. New York,
Ktav, 1954.
A picture book for young children showing the Jewish holidays throughout
the year and the way in which they are celebrated, (ages 6-9)
--------- . The ghosts of Camp J—. Illustrated by Lawrence Dresser. New York,
National Women’s League of the United Synagogue of America, 1955. 47 p.
An adventure with Jewish patriots in American history presented as an
intriguing mystery with a modern setting, (ages 9-12)
G o l d b e r g , D a v i d .
Stories about Judaism. Illustrated by Friedel Dzubas. New
York, Bookman Associates, 1954. 169, 131 p. Books I and II.
Stories and legends of the important personalities and events in the long
history of the Jewish people from the earliest Biblical times to the present
are treated. The author has successfully told how the religion of Judaism
began and developed. Stories to aid children to discover the answers to
questions of religious living are introduced. The book is a welcome contribu-
tion to the children’s library, (ages 9-13)
G r a n d , S a m u e l .
The Jews settle in New Amsterdam: 1654. Illustrated by
William L. Steinel. Edited by Emanuel Gamoran. New York, Union of
American Hebrew Congregations, 1954. 28 p.
^Based on the UAHC award-winning filmstrip of the same title (a Victor
Kayfetz production). An attractive and appealing book for the Tercentenary,
(ages 10-16)
I s h - K i s h o r , J u d i t h .
Joel is the Youngest. Illustrated by Jules Gotlieb. New
York, Messner, 1954. 190 p.
A pleasant story of family life in Brooklyn and the problems of a very
real little boy. Woven into the story are interesting descriptions of the most
important Jewish holidays, particularly the part a young child plays in their
observance in the home, (ages 8-11)
J o n e s , J u a n i t a
N . David, warrior of God. New York, Association Press, 1954.
155 p.