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REAT Jewish Books: Old and New”* was the theme of Leon
V_T Roth’s address at the opening of the third annual Jewish
Book Week organized by the Jewish Book Council of England and
held in January, 1955. I t is a great address by an urbane and
catholic scholar who, for twenty-five years, held the Chair of
Philosophy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
The fourth annual festival of the Jewish Book, held in March,
1956, was a fitting climax to the main Tercentenary celebrations of
1956 which commemorated the resettlement of Jews in England.
The exhibition was the boldest and most comprehensive yet held
by the Jewish Book Council. The Anglo-Jewish contribution to
literature was displayed by the Board of Deputies of British Jews,
now almost two hundred years old. For the thirtieth anniversary
year of Israel Zangwill’s death, the Zangwill Fellowship had
assembled a selection of first editions and manuscripts, and other
Zangwilliana in the Strangers’ Gallery of the Adolph Tuck Hall at
Woburn House where the exhibition was held.
For the first time, Hillel House — in its initial year — displayed
from the Brodetsky Library a selection of books recently published
in England and America. A basic Jewish library — “Jewish Books
for the Jewish Home” — the contribution of the Jewish Memorial
Council and the Central Council for Jewish Religious Education
dominated the Exhibition Hall.
The Cultural Committee of the World Jewish Congress sue-
ceeded in producing a unique collection of books, rare and recent,
in several languages, to illustrate the impact of four waves of
immigration on Anglo-Jewish life and letters, from the 17th to the
20th century. Most significant, perhaps, was the Hebrew section
sponsored by the Jewish Agency and gathered together from Israel,
the Royal Library of Copenhagen and private collections, showing
the mutual influence of the two languages: English classics in
Hebrew and Hebrew classics in English.
* It is reprinted in this volume.