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The Tercentenary Exhibition of Anglo-Jewish Art and History
at the Victoria and Albert Museum, opened by Viscount Samuel
on January 6th, 1956, and held by the Tercentenary Council under
the patronage of The Queen, was the most notable event of its kind
since the Jubilee Exhibition in 1887. Its purpose was to commem-
orate the 300th anniversary of the resettlement of the Jews in
England in 1656; its aim, to show the part played by the Jews in
English life and to illustrate Jewish domestic, communal and
religious history and art. The
Illustrated Catalogue
, compiled and
edited by Richard Barnett, is not merely an annotated and per-
manent record of books, prints and objects of art, but is, itself, a
work of art.
The “Book of the Year” (some may think) is, perhaps, not a
book at all — but a 60 page supplement — the
Special Supplement
published by the
Jewish Chronicle
with its issue of January 27,
1956, to commemorate the “Tercentenary of the Resettlement of
the Jews in the British Isles 1656-1956.” The forty articles in-
troduced by John M. Shaftesley, the editor, not only constitute an
essential source-book for historians, but should prove of permanent
interest and delight to the cultivated reader on both sides of the
Among the books, the following deserve special mention:
Essays and Addresses
, with a memoir on a beloved teacher;
Rabbi Louis Jacobs’ illuminating essay on
Jewish Prayer
; Maurice
Friedman’s psychological study of
Martin Buber;
Isidore Fishman’s
Gateway to the Mishnah; From Darkness to Light
, a
spiritual anthology by Victor Gollancz; Kagan’s comparative study
Three Great Systems of Jurisprudence
; Mierowsky’s
Grammar and Grammarians Throughout the Ages; Wisdom and
, a microcosm of prayers and readings, compiled and edited
by Rabbi Dr. Joseph Rabbinowitz; Saron and Hotz’s full-length
history of the Jews in South Africa; and Sir Leonard Wooley’s
monumental account of his epochal excavations a t the site of
Ur of the Chaldees.
b r a h a m s
, I
s r a e l
The birth of a community: vol.
I .
Cape Town, S.
A . ,
Town Hebrew Congregations, 1955.
The story of the cosmopolitan Jewry of the Rand by the Chief Rabbi of
the Cape. Foreword by Dr. D. F. Malan on the contribution of South African
Jews to the South African community.
d l e r
H. G. Theresienstadt: 1941-1945. Tuebingen, J. D. B. Mohr, 1955.
The author was for three years a prisoner at Theresienstadt whither 50,000
Jews were deported on their way to extermination camps at Auschwitz and
elsewhere. Comprehensive bibliography of Czech, German, English and
Danish accounts.
k z i n
, B
e n j a m i n
New states and international organizations. London, H.M.S.O.
for Unesco and Ipsa, 1955.