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e d e n q u i s t
, G
o t e
The Church and the Jewish people. Edinburgh House
Press, 1955.
A symposium on Christian approach to the Jews, with a magnificent exposi-
tion of Judaism and its relation to the Church by Dr. Leo Baeck.
e n r i q u e s
, S
i r
a s i l
The home-menders. London, Harrap, 1955.
Written by a Jew of international reputation, this book deals with the
problems affecting the juvenile non-delinquents of an unhappy home. A
Liberal Jew himself, Sir Basil firmly believes in a religious approach to life as
the basis of personal responsibility.
e w i t t
, O
s b i r t
y n d h a m
Strawberry fair: a biography of Frances, Countess
Waldegrave, 1821-1879. London, John Murray, 1955.
Of a distinguished hostess and one of the leaders of Victorian society.
o s k i n s
, H
a l f o r d
L. The Middle East. London, Macmillan, 1955.
A useful account of the problems of the Middle East, especially the problem
of oil, with a chapter on the intrusion of Israel into the Middle East complex.
Israel government year book: 5716. Jerusalem, Jewish Observer and Middle East
(distributor), 1956.
This English edition is admirably translated. Includes sections on the
recent archaeological discoveries and the year’s legislation.
, L
. Jewish prayer. London, Jewish Chronicle Pub lications,
A luminous summa, in modern language, of the Jewish rationale and
technique of prayer.
Jewish chronicle: tercentenary of the resettlement of the Jews in the British Isles
1656-1956. London, Jewish Chronicle, January 27, 1956.
A special supplement which will abide as an essential document in the
historiography of Anglo-Jewry. Forty articles by men distinguished in every
sphere of Anglo-Jewish life.
Jewish chronicle travel guide: 1955. Compiled by Green Flag. London, Jewish
Chronicle, 1955.
The fifth annual edition of this comprehensive travel book contains (among
much useful information) “A Tour of London’s Jewish Landmarks,” “South
African Journey,” a special section on Israel and a large section on the United
Jewish year book: 1956 (5716-5717). London, Jewish Chronicle Publications, 1956.
Edited by Hugh Harris. With a historical note on British Jewry.
o n e s
, E
r n e s t
Sigmund Freud: life and work: vol. II: years of maturity. London,
Hogarth Press, 1955.
On the middle years of Freud’s life, the publication of his major works, the
secession of Adler and Stekel and the defection of C. G. Jung. Of Freud’s
domestic and personal life, including his attachment to the Jewish community
of Vienna.
a g a n
, K . K
a h a n a
Three great systems o f jurisprudence. London, Stevens, 1955.
Written by the Lecturer in Codes at Jews’ College, London, this is the
first important English work that studies comparatively — and with a thesau-
rus of citations — the principles of the legal systems of Roman, English and
Jewish law.
a t z ew
, H
e n r y
Solution for South Africa: a Jewish view. Beperk, South Africa,
Nasionale Boekhandel, 1956.
The author believes in an Afrikaan Republic, with full Apartheid from
which only the Jew is excepted, with unlimited immigration from Europe and
America to the Transvaal, Free State and Natal, giving rights to all except the
imm e l
, H
a n s
Sydney’s Jewish community: materials for a post-war (II)
history, 1951-1953. Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia, 1955.
How post-war discontent and criticism led to the setting up of new Jewish
institutions, including an Executive Council of Australian Jewry and a Board
of Deputies in each of the five Australian States.
i t v i n o f f
, M
a x i m
Notes for a journal. London, Deutsch, 1955.
Litvinoff, one of the architects of Soviet foreign policy until his downfall on
the eve of the war, lucidly describes “ the Jewish complex” of the Communist
leaders who had renounced Judaism and the nature of Communist opposition
to anti-semitism.