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a y l o r
, D
o n
The Rhodesian: the life of Sir Roy Welensky. London, Museum
Press, 1955.
The history of the Federation of the Rhodesias and the biography of the
architect and Deputy Prime Minister of the Central African Federation.
e n n y s o n
, H
a l l am
Tito lifts the curtain. London, Rider, 1955.
A microcosm of Yugoslav life, with an account of the religious communities,
an interview with the Jewish Vice-President of the Republic, Mose Pijade,
and a note on the Sefardim of Sarajevo.
hom a s
, J
o a n
A history of the Leeds clothing industry. Hull, The University,
־ 1955
An authoritative study of the Jewish role, and its predominance, in the
origin and development of the clothing trade.
i l n a y
Z. Israel guide. Tel Aviv, Pales Press Company, 1955.
Contains detailed historical data and much useful information on the
various activities of the State of Israel and its people, as well as valuable
practical hints. 400 illustrations.
o l a k o v a
, H
a n a
The Pinkas synagogue: a memorial of the past and of our
days. Prague, Jewish State Museum, 1955. 68 plates.
a h l
, Z
w i
Rational perpetual Sunday calendar — without blank day. Jeru-
salem, R. Mass, 5715.
A proposal for a World Calendar, with every year beginning on a Sunday
and ending on a Saturday, the days of the week being perpetually linked with
monthly dates.
Women saints of east and west. Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre of London, 1955.
Includes a chapter on Henrietta Szold (1860-1945), by Rabbi Israel Chait of
o o l l e y
, S
e o n a r d
Excavations at Ur. London, Benn, 1955.
The first full account of the work of uncovering part of the site of “Ur of
the Chaldees,” the home of Abraham, by the director of the Joint Anglo-
American Expedition. Essential for the Mesopotamian background of the
Zionist year book 5716 (1955-56). Edited by Joseph Litvin. London, Zionist
Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.
Includes pen-portraits of Israel Sieff, Nahum Goldmann and Lavy
Bakstanskv, an analysis of Israeli economy by Israel Sieff, and a review of
Anglo-Israeli relations by the Hon. Edwin Samuel.