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the Jewish Book Month Committee under the leadership of Dr.
Philip Seman. Taking part were the Jewish Community Centers,
Bureau of Jewish Education, and many other organizations. Ex-
hibits were on display at all major Jewish, public and college
In Washington, D. C., the Jewish Community Council aided
all the local Jewish organizations in their programs.
A travelling Jewish book exhibit was set up by the Cleveland
Jewish Community Centers which also provided panels of book
reviewers to local Jewish organizations. Exhibits were also seen
in New York City — where many branch libraries of the N. Y.
Public Library and all the major Jewish libraries displayed books
of Jewish interest — and in Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Hartford,
San Francisco and many other places.
Jewish Book Month was observed at a number of military in-
stallations and in veterans hospitals across the country. Rabbi
Pilchik was the principal speaker at Ft. Dix, N. J., in a program
sponsored by the post’s Jewish chaplains. A series of weekly
Jewish book programs, including reviews of current books by
GIs, were highlights of the events at Ft. Dix. The Jewish chaplains
projected plans for a Jewish library, which they hoped to make
the largest at any military installation. JWB Armed Services Com-
mittees in Trenton, Camden and Philadelphia aided the project.
In Denver, the regular USO-JWB “lox and bagel” program
saluted the Month with a book review program in the Jewish
Community Center. Jewish chaplains at Lowry Air Force Base,
at Fitzsimons General Hospital, Denver, and at Camp Carson,
Cheyenne, Wyo., set up book exhibits with the aid of local JWB
Armed Services Committees in Denver, Colorado Springs and
Cheyenne. Jewish Book Month at Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio,
Texas, featured four panel discussions on aspects of Jewish life and
Many national organizations, including the Labor Zionist Or-
ganization, Hadassah, Hillel Foundations, B’nai Brith and others,
circularized their constituents with program suggestions. The
National Women’s League of the United Synagogue of America,
under the leadership of Mrs. Charles Schwartz, arranged book
fairs. The Canadian Library Association distributed 450 copies
of the Council’s flyers to all the public and private libraries in
Communications were received from the Jewish Book Council
of England, which reported that Jewish Book Week was ap-
propriately celebrated. Reports were also received regarding the
first Book Week celebration in Haifa, Israel, sponsored by the
mayor of the city.