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the New York Public Library, acknowledging receipt of the
volume, wrote: “ I know we will find it useful — particularly the
bibliographies of new books — in our work with readers. In this
office we are constantly asked to recommend books and compile
reading lists on various subjects. As you can understand, we
depend on such tools as the
Jewish Book Annual
The publication of this current volume of the
Jewish Book
was made possible through the cooperation of the national
Jewish organizations affiliated with the Council, the Lucius N.
Littauer Foundation, the Gustav Wurzweiler Foundation, Inc.,
and many persons who recognized the value of this book. Among
them mention is made of Hayyim Bass, Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen,
Solomon Kerstein, Rabbi Ely E. Pilchik, Leo W. Schwarz, Dr.
Mordecai Soltes and Rabbi A. Alan Steinbach.
In Jewish Bookland
, under the editorship of Dr. Solomon
Grayzel, has been published regularly as the literary supplement
The JWB Circle.
This is the only periodical which attempts
to review all the English books of Jewish interest published in this
country, as well as selected Yiddish and Hebrew volumes. I t has
received wide acclaim and is being used as a guide for the selection
of books both by individuals and by institutional libraries. Typical
of the reactions to this periodical is the following excerpt from a
letter written by a Jewish Community Center worker in Los
Angeles: “I have just finished reading the May edition of
In Jewish
and I thought I would write you a little note and tell
you how much I have enjoyed reading this section for so many
years. I have found much information, inspiration and relaxation
from the many articles, book reviews and other materials so
abundantly offered in your insert. Many times I have gone out
of my way to point out an item of interest to my fellow center
workers and have many times asked at the local library for some
of the materials I could use in my own work.”
In addition to the Editor, Dr. Solomon Grayzel, the following
serve on the Editorial Board of
In Jewish Bookland
: Philip Good-
man, Associate Editor; Lionel Koppman, Managing Editor; Dr.
Mortimer J. Cohen, Consultant; Rabbi Jacob Kabakoff, Hebrew
books; Dr. Jacob Shatzky,* Yiddish books; Charles Angoff, Dr.
Bernard J. Bamberger and Morris Epstein.
* Deceased.